FilGoal | News | Ghazl Al-Mahalla for the Joule: Karim Rifaat’s promotion to the first team with a group of young people

Abdel-Baqi Gamal, the general coach of Ghazl El-Mahalla club, revealed that Karim Refaat had promoted to the ranks of the first team.

Abdul Baqi Jamal said: For FilGoal.comKarim Refaat is one of the youth team players and participates in the right-back position, and his nickname is (Haaland).

“The player was promoted to first team training in preparation for the new season, and he participated in training with us twice,” he added.

He continued, “The coach will follow up on all the players, and whoever shows a good level in training will get a place in the team.”

Greek coach Nicodemus Papavasiliou is leading Ghazl El Mahalla training, after he coached the team a few days ago.

For his part, Mahmoud Khader, coach of the 2001 team in Ghazl El Mahalla, said: For FilGoal.comWe started the team’s training 3 weeks ago, and I saw the brilliance of more than one player, including Karim Refaat and Ahmed Waguih in the right-back position.

He pointed out, “I did not hear about Haaland’s name as a fame for Karim Refaat, but they may have called him this name because it follows the same haircut.”

He continued, “We hope that he will be at a quarter of Halland’s level so that we can win millions from behind him.”

He continued in his statements, “Last season, 5 youths, not among them, Karim Refaat, were escalated, and in the current season, the Greek coach requested the escalation of some elements from the sector, and Mohamed Junaidi, the head of the sector, contacted me. Indeed, 6 players were escalated to train with the first team.”

He concluded his statements, “Currently, there are 11 young and junior players in the first team training, and Karim Refaat has great capabilities, and I hope that he will be one of the stars of Ghazl El-Mahalla in the right-back position.”

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