FilGoal | News | Haitham Orabi: I expected the decision to dismiss me from Aswan.. and I received a new offer from a club

Haitham Orabi, the former sports director of Aswan Club, revealed the scenes of his departure from the team during the last period.

Aswan Club announced the official departure of Haitham Orabi, sports director, from his position.

Orabi said, via Sada Al-Balad channel, that I thank the Aswan Board of Directors for giving me the opportunity to work and appear on the scene, and I try to focus on the positives from any experience. Of course, there were some differences, and this is normal anywhere. I have all the love for the Aswan board of directors.”

He continued, “Judging the Aswan experience from only three matches is unjust, and my confidence in the current players is not normal, and I am sure that the results will change.”

He revealed, “Mahmoud Farouk, a member of the football committee in Aswan, called me after the Ghazl El-Mahalla match, and he is a very respectable person who understands football a lot and told me that the board of directors wanted to talk to me, so I understood that they wanted to dismiss me and I was accepting of the matter and I expected that decision. The session took only 20 minutes and I told them that There are people who deserve to continue in the system from the technical staff and the media center.”

He added, “After I assumed the position of Aswan’s sports director, I asked about the club’s budget and they told me that there is no budget and the salary ceiling does not exceed 800,000 pounds, including taxes per season. The club’s salaries range from 300,000 to 700 thousand, and Malik Evona receives less than the club’s salary ceiling.”

He continued, “We did not sign any player without the approval of Rabie Yassin, and the players who joined the team and left before the end of the season agreed to them at first, but refused to join them after seeing them on the field, and some of them left due to psychological discomfort in the team.”

He concluded, “I received an offer from one of the clubs after leaving Aswan to take the position of sports director or football director in the club, but I have not taken any decisions about my career yet because I returned from Aswan only 24 hours ago.”

Aswan had made 20 deals in preparation for the current season, accompanied by sports director Haitham Orabi. Recently retired from office.

Aswan lost 3 matches in a row in the Egyptian league without the blue team scoring any goal.

Aswan returned to the Premier League after an absence for two seasons.

Aswan occupies the last place in the Egyptian league standings without points.

Aswan plays in the fourth round of the league on November 23 against Future.

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