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The Zamalek men’s handball team continued its victories in the Arab Club Championship by defeating Al-Kuwait Al-Kuwait.

Zamalek beat Al-Kuwait Al-Kuwaiti 24-20 in the matches of the second round of the group stage.

Zamalek took the lead in the group after defeating Esperance in the opening round with a score of 34-28, then Kuwait in the second round.

Zamalek will play its last match against Algeria’s Mouloudia at the end of the group stage at 2:30 p.m. on Tuesday.

The tournament will be held from 17 to 27 September in Tunisia.

Zamalek is in the second group, along with Kuwait’s Kuwait and Algeria’s Mouloudia Algiers.

Thus, Zamalek ensured its presence in the semi-finals of the Arab Club Championship after the withdrawal of Algeria’s Amal Skikda.

The match started close between the two teams, as the tie continued before Kuwait outperformed by two goals 5-3.

Zamalek returned to a tie that lasted until 7-7 until the 20th minute.

And the four minutes from 20 to 24 witnessed a white awakening, with Zamalek advancing 10-7.

Zamalek won the first half with a score of 12-10.

Kuwait equalized 13-13 after seven minutes, before Al-Abyad excelled again and led by two goals in the 14th minute of the second half.

Zamalek continued their lead 17-13 after 17 minutes of the second half.

Zamalek eventually won the match in his favour, with a score of 23-20, to rise to the top of the group.

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