FilGoal | News | “Hit him.. Hit him” .. Revealing the reason that angered Vinicius against Real Mallorca

Real Madrid’s Vinicius Junior appeared angry in more than one shot during the match between his team and Real Mallorca in the Spanish League.

Real Madrid won four goals at the expense of Real Mallorca in the fifth round of the competition.

According to photos taken by the “Movistar +” platform, the phrase, Javier Aguirre, coach of Real Mallorca – and the former Egypt national team – was the reason for the anger of Vinicius.

The platform added that Vinicius confessed to his colleague Nacho that he heard Aguirre say to one of his defenders, “Hit him, hit him,” in reference to the Brazilian.

The tension did not stop there, and Vinicius appeared on more than one occasion in altercations with Mallorca players because they felt provoked by his many evasions.

Vinicius was caught talking with Jaume Costa, a Real Mallorca player, saying that what they are doing is not good, to which the latter replied, “This is only what we can do.”

And earlier in the press conference, Aguirre was asked about the matter, and he replied: “The Vinicius problem? On the stadium there is some talk, but nothing here. It is football. What happens on the stadium we leave it there, Real Madrid won and we congratulate them. This is the matter and you have to. You ask the players about it because I have already spoken.”

While Real Madrid coach Carlo Ancelotti spoke about the matter and said: “Vinicius is a special player and because of his way of playing the opponents are angry, you have to understand that he always tries to dribble regardless of whether his team is losing or winning, sometimes he tries to make his opponent more angry, and this It’s normal in football and with experience he will learn little by little.”

Real Madrid is at the forefront with 15 points in the standings, achieving the full mark, two points behind Barcelona, ​​which is in second place with 13 points.

Real Madrid has become the only team in the five major leagues in Europe to win all of its matches since the start of the season.

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