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Moussa Noah Kamara, the Sierra Leone national team player, sent a distress call to Moussa Tombo through social media, after he recently joined the ranks of the Libyan Al Ittihad club.

Moussa Tombo officially joined the ranks of the Libyan Federation a few days ago, and traveled to Libya to attend his team’s camp, in preparation for traveling to Egypt to train there.

But Moussa Tombaugh happened to him what he didn’t expect?

Chance sierraloaded The Sierra Leonean has continuously revealed everything that has happened with Moussa Tombo since his arrival in Libya. reviews the whole story with you.

Moussa Tombo arrived in Libya a few days ago, signed his transfer contracts to Al Ittihad, and was presented to the team’s fans.

Moussa expressed his happiness with this step and went out on the same day at night to enjoy and celebrate his new club.

The Libyan Al-Ittihad team traveled to Tanzania to play a match in the African Champions League, but Moussa Kamara did not travel with him on the pretext that he was suffering from stress and was not ready to participate in the match.

But on the second day, Musa Kamara heard the sounds of shooting near where he lived, which made him feel terrified.

Immediately, Moussa Tombo turned to his wife, “Eve” and his agent, but the response he received from the duo did not occur to him.

His wife was supposed to arrive in Libya a few days later to join him there, but she was late to travel.

When Kamara called her for help from gunfire he believed to be threatening his life, he was surprised that his wife had canceled his return ticket.

In the video, which was broadcast on social media, Moussa Tombo said: “I told my agent that I will come to Libya to check on the place and if everything is fine I will stay, and if things are not, I will leave.”

. added “A day after I arrived I started hearing gunfire, it’s not safe for me.”

and complete “I called my wife and told her about it, but she shocked me and said it wasn’t my business.”

continue “I explained it to her and assured her that if I stayed in Libya I would die, and she responded and said to me, OK, when you die, the family will feel the pain of losing you, and then I will marry again.”

Once again, Moussa Tombo published a new video in which he appeared carrying a knife, in which he said: “From now on, anything that will happen to me will be caused by my wife and my agent, even if I die.”

Moussa Tombo has a penalty clause in his contract with the Libyan Federation of $ 500,000, which he has the right to pay and leave at any time, otherwise he completes the entire contract period, which is two seasons.

Moussa Tombo was the owner of a famous shot that happened to him when he was preparing to travel with his country to Cameroon to participate for the first time in the African Nations Cup.

At that time, his wife went to bid him farewell and kissed his foot, and this image achieved a great spread and wide controversy.

So far, the player in Libya is still waiting for his fate to be determined by the Al-Ittihad club, and whether he will join the team’s camp in Cairo or not.

Moussa Tombo is 22 years old and began his professional career with football in 2019, and moved between several clubs in Sierra Leone and had a short professional experience in the Swedish second division, as well as in Ethiopia before moving to the Libyan Federation.

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