FilGoal | News | Ibrahim Hassan: It is possible to include new players before facing Al-Ahly

Ibrahim Hassan, director of football at Al-Masry Club, believes that the clubs deal with the team as a Gulf club under the leadership of Kamel Abu Ali, the club’s president.

Al-Masry defeated Al-Ittihad of Alexandria with two goals to one in the 12th round of the Egyptian Premier League.

Ibrahim Hassan said via Ontime Sports after the match: “Al-Ittihad is a very big team with its fans, players and board of directors. Today they performed what they had to do, and the match was very difficult, and all the matches are difficult, as evidenced by our victory with the Interior Ministry, then their tie with Zamalek.”

“We are happy with the match points, so that we can think about what’s next and the matter, and we face many obstacles that face us in the matches. We get a lot of cards, and in all matches there are a lot of influential decisions, and all we want is justice, whether we are winners or losers.”

“Hussam and I do not back down in front of any team and in all matters of life, and our players must have dead hearts, but retreat always comes from something psychological in the Egyptian player, and the equalizer was due to an easy mistake, and we wasted many chances at the end of the match.”

If the system unites completely with the board of directors, the fans and the technical staff, no one will be able to stop Al-Masry, and we agreed with the board of directors to support the team with players who give us the addition.

“I tell the Al-Masry fans to renounce some well-known people who spread rumors inside Port Said, and their goals are always the rhythm of the team.”

“It is possible to see some new players who will join Al-Masry before the Al-Ahly match, and negotiations are currently going on with some players, but the clubs consider Al-Masry with Kamel Abu Ali as a Gulf club, and the player who deserves a million pounds wants his club to join for 20, despite the need for all teams for players.”

The victory raised Al-Masry’s balance to 17 points in the previous position, one point behind Al-Ittihad, who finished in fourth place.

Al-Masry will play in its next match against Al-Ahly at Burj Al-Arab Stadium, and Al-Ittihad of Alexandria will host the Zamalek team at Alexandria Stadium.

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