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AC Milan’s Zlatan Ibrahimovic talked about when he would consider retiring, as well as about his first injury to the cruciate ligament.

The Swede renewed his contract with Milan until the end of the current season, and is expected to return next January, after recovering from a cruciate ligament injury.

Ibrahimovic said in his interview with “CNN”: “I have a great passion for the game, I have a situation now with my age and my colleagues who play with me, but I enjoy every day because I think that if I stop football I will miss a lot and therefore I do not want to regret saying that I had to continue.” “.

“I want to stay at the same level as the young players and continue the momentum,” he added.

And he continued, “I will continue to play and on the day things are going slowly, I want those around me to be honest with me and tell the truth and then I will be realistic.”

“I want to be better every day, I have the mentality that if I don’t work enough I don’t feel good.”

Regarding injuries, he talked about his injury with Manchester United, saying: “I had a cruciate ligament tear in 2017, it was my first big injury, so it was new to me.”

And he added, “I did not know what to expect, at first I was afraid because I did not know if I would return or what would happen, but I lived it day by day, dealing with it more mentally as you need to be calmer and become patient.”

He concluded, “Money gives you options that you do not get, and the lights are more in the English Premier League than in the Italian one, which makes it more challenging for Italian clubs to excel over others.”

Zlatan has played 74 games for Milan since his return in January 2020, during which he scored 36 goals.

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