FilGoal | News | In the Joule, he reveals how Al-Ahly thinks about Kahraba’s situation 3 days before the end of the suspension

3 days separate us from the end of the suspension of Mahmoud Abdel Moneim “Kahraba”, Al-Ahly player, after the expiration of the 6-month sentence. How do you think the management of the Red Castle? It was learned that the Al-Ahly administration tends to give Kahraba the green light to participate in the matches as soon as the International Federation of Football Associations “FIFA” removes the description of “suspended player” currently attached to his name in the international player registration system TMS.

Al-Ahly does not see the need to wait for the result of the Egyptian Football Association’s inquiry that was sent to FIFA to ensure the player’s eligibility to participate.

Al-Ahly considers Kahraba already available to participate in front of Al-Masry on Thursday, January 12th, if the status of suspension is lifted from him, as his sentence ends on January 11th.

At that time, the decision to involve him will be up to Marcel Koller, Al-Ahly coach, to be a purely technical decision.

At the same time, the Al-Ahly administration realizes that Kahraba’s failure to pay the fine imposed on him will cause the suspension to be renewed later when Zamalek begins its moves to sue him.

The Dispute Settlement Chamber of the International Federation of Football Associations (FIFA) had fined Kahraba two million dollarsin addition to 5% Fouad valid from June 20, 2019 until the date of actual payment.

The Court of Arbitration for Sport (CAS) upheld the decision FIFA issued a decision to suspend the player on June 11 for not paying the fine in favor of Zamalek.

Kahraba (28 years old) left Zamalek, despite his contract with him in the summer of 2019, and moved to Portugal’s Desportivo Avish.

Later, Kahraba joined Al-Ahly after his contract with the Portuguese club was terminated in January 2020.

Kahraba crowned Al-Ahly with 5 different championships and also won the Club World Cup bronze, but he did not reserve a main place in the formation of coach Pitso Musimani at the time, to leave on loan to Turkish Hatayspor.

Kahraba played the last official match for Hatayspor on May 22 against Gironspor, and scored a goal on that day in addition to assisting two goals.

Ali Abbas, the international lawyer in charge of the Kahraba file, stated earlier Via Ontime Sports: “The correspondence was between me and FIFA regarding the exact date for the end of the suspension period for Kahraba, which came in the first letter on January 11.”

The Tunisian lawyer added, “FIFA responded to my letter and said that the suspension is for a period of 6 months and ends on January 11, 2023, and this is a normal procedure for me as a lawyer responsible for the player’s file to ensure the date of his return.”

And he continued, “On January 12, Kahraba has the right to play officially, and this is the decision and the regulations.”

And he continued, “Kahraba’s penalty may be renewed after 3 transfer periods, and so far, only one transfer period has passed since he was suspended.”

He explained, “Kahraba’s penalty is a 6-month suspension, but the biggest penalty for the Portuguese club Desportivo Avish is to suspend registration for 3 transfer periods. Therefore, the largest penalty period must end first, and then the new penalty is imposed in the event that the first penalty is not implemented.”

He explained, “If Kahraba does not pay the financial fine after 3 registration periods have passed, and on September 1, 2023, Zamalek has the right to file a new complaint against him, and this is the text of FIFA’s decision literally.”

And he stressed, “FIFA does not interfere in matters of settling fines, and this is by agreement between the two parties.”

He stressed, “Kahraba is obligated to pay the fine in full to Zamalek Club, and Al-Ahly is not a party to this case.”

He concluded his remarks, “We tried with Zamalek and offered to install the fine, but we did not reach any solution, and paying the fine amount at once is difficult and not simple.”

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