FilGoal | News | In the Joule, he reveals the decision of the Volleyball Federation regarding the punishments of Maryam Mustafa and Doaa Muhammad .. and a binding declaration

Maryam Mustafa, Doaa Mohamed Al-Ahly and Zamalek volleyball

The Egyptian Volleyball Federation has taken its decision regarding the penalty imposed on the duo, Maryam Mostafa and Doaa Mohamed.

and learned The Egyptian Volleyball Federation decided to suspend the two players for a period of four months, in addition to a fine of 100,000 pounds for each of them.

After the suspension period, each player has the right to join the club she wishes to join.

Al-Ahly player Maryam Mostafa is scheduled to move to Zamalek, while Doaa Mohamed will join the ranks of Al-Ahly.

The Volleyball Association informed the duo of the need to sign a declaration obligating each of them to implement judicial rulings after the suspension period.

Thus, if the judiciary ruled that forgery in the duo’s contracts was not proven, each player would be obliged to pay what was required of her, meaning that Maryam Mustafa would be obligated to pay 3 million pounds in favor of Al-Ahly as a penalty condition, and Doaa Muhammad would also pay the dues required from Zamalek.

If it is proven that the contract of either of them is forged, the player will move normally with the possibility of submitting a request for compensation from the club.

what happened?

As knows, Maryam Mustafa renewed her contract with Al-Ahly for four years after the end of the previous contract.

But then Maryam wanted to leave and move to Zamalek and asked for the contract to be terminated, and she did not attend Al-Ahly’s training session.

Al-Ahly submitted a complaint to the Egyptian Olympic Committee and the Volleyball Federation against his player.

The player challenged the forgery of the contract signed with Al-Ahly, explaining that this did not include a penalty clause, as Al-Ahly claims.

As for Doaa, she returned from a cruciate ligament injury and did not participate with Zamalek during the last season, nor did she get her dues.

Therefore, Doaa unilaterally terminated the contract and signed her joining contracts with Al-Ahly.

Al-Ahly and Zamalek submitted their contracts with the two players to the Volleyball Federation to resolve the crisis.

Doaa Mohamed challenged the forgery of the contract submitted by Zamalek.

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