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Al-Ahly coach Marcel Koehler said that his team still has to work and continue to improve, despite winning the Egyptian Super title.

Al-Ahly won the Egyptian Super Cup for the 12th time in its history, today, Friday, after beating its traditional rival, Zamalek, at Hazza Bin Zayed Stadium, with two goals without a response.

“We have to improve even more and we still have a lot of work to do,” Koehler said in the post-match press conference.

He continued, “Zamalek is a very big team, and the second half pressed us hard and we made some mistakes, especially after 10 minutes of the second half and we made a lot of wrong passes.”

He continued, “The ball that I rely on needs a lot of running, and our players got tired and the substitutions were made to revive the team.”

And he added, “In the ball, when the team is one unit and the players help each other, this creates an integrated system that makes things difficult for the opponent and makes him under pressure because everyone defends and everyone attacks.”

He continued, “I do not want to talk about a particular player, because to play a match against a big team like Zamalek, every player gives his best, and we do not have a single star in a match like this, but the whole team is the star.”

And about Karim Fouad, who scored the second goal, he said: “Karim Fouad is a good player. He did not train with me a lot because he was in the national team. I began to get to know him, and I took advantage of his speed and his very good mentality. He always tries to implement what I tell him, and for this I am very happy for him and he still has a lot to offer.”

As for the mass attendance, Kohler completed his statements, saying: “There is nothing more beautiful than playing a match in front of that number of fans, and unfortunately, the Corona period affected the stadiums, and then the audience did not attend at full capacity in Egypt, but this is good, and I lose my voice to deliver information because of the masses’ voice, but no there is a problem”.

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