FilGoal | News | Kohler: Kahraba adhered to the instructions, and we have time to include a striker..and the position of the injured from the top

Marcel Kohler, coach of Al-Ahly team, praised Mahmoud Abdel Moneim’s “Kahraba” performance against Smouha.

Kahraba contributed to Al-Ahly’s three goals in the confrontation, which Al-Ahmar won with three goals to one, so that Al-Ahmar qualified for the Egyptian Cup final against Pyramids.

Koller said in the press conference: “I am happy to qualify for the cup final. We played an excellent half in the first half, and all my technical instructions were implemented. We also controlled the second half, and we were not threatened with any opportunity, even the penalty kick.”

He continued, “Kahraba gave an excellent performance and contributed to our progress in the first half, and he adhered to the technical instructions that I gave him.”

Regarding the new striker, he explained, “We have more time until the end of the month to sign a striker. Everyone knows that the negotiations are exhausting, whether with the player or the approval of his club and the financial requests, but I am confident in including a striker before the end of the transfer market.”

He stressed, “The attacker has been chosen, there are ongoing negotiations, and we have plenty of time before it is officially resolved.”

And about his opinion on the performance of the new deals, he replied, “The players joined us a very short time ago, but despite that, they applied a lot of what I asked of them, and they need more time to adapt to our way of playing.”

Koller revealed, “The duo Ahmed Koka and Mustafa Saad felt frustrated after the match, and I ask them to be patient and they will get the opportunity. They are young and need more experience.”

When asked about Hamdi Fathi’s position on the summit, he said: “Fathi participated in three very strong fights, and I cannot judge his position on facing Zamalek before examining him tomorrow. He is an important player and I hope he is present.”

And he continued, “Mohamed Abdel Moneim will participate in the training tomorrow, and after that, his position on facing Zamalek will be judged.”

And about not replacing Ali Maaloul in front of Smouha, he explained, “Maaloul is like a gear in a machine that just puts oil and finds it running on its own.”

He added, “We have a large list and there is a close return of injured people, such as Taher and Percy Tau, and as I explained earlier, I will not include a (complete number) deal. That deal must be better than what I have, in addition to his desire to play with Al-Ahly and finally agree on financial matters.”

Finally, when asked about Kahraba’s participation as a mainstay in the summit, he explained, “There is no player who guarantees his presence in my squad.”

Kohler concluded his remarks, “Kahraba played a great match after a long absence, so I will wait tomorrow to assess his physical condition before determining his position.”

Al-Ahly will play its next match against Zamalek at eight thirty in the evening, Saturday, in the fourteenth round of the league competition.

Al-Ahly is at the top of the league standings table, with 31 points, after 13 rounds have passed.

Zamalek comes third, with 26 points, before facing the upcoming summit.

Al-Ahly is preparing for another match in the league against Al-Ahly Bank on the 24th of the same month, before traveling to Morocco to participate in the Club World Cup.

Al-Ahly will start its career in the Club World Cup by facing Auckland City, New Zealand, on February 1.

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