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present to you Live coverage of the Rayo Vallecano match against Real Madrid in the 13th round of the Spanish League.

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S 68 Gooooooool Oscar Trejo does not waste this time .. 3-2 to Rayo Vallecano

67th Courtois was ahead of the line.. the kick will be replayed

S 66 Oscar Trejo kicked and Thibaut Courtois address!

S 65 The referee decides to award a penalty after referring to the video referees .. A yellow card for Carvajal

S 64 Handball to Dani Carvajal .. The referee will decide

S 60 red card for Rayo Vallecano coach because of the objection to the referee

S 47 Rodrygo misses the opportunity of the third goal with a left shot from inside the penalty area The crossbar teams

beginning of the second half

The end of the first half

S 44, sooooooool, a draw from Alvaro Garcia.. Confusion in the Real Madrid penalty area and a powerful left-footed shot against Courtois.

S 41 Gooool Eder Militao scores a header from a corner.. 2-1

S 37 Gooooool Luka Modric scores from the penalty mark. A shot in the middle of the goal overlooked the goalkeeper who jumped to the right

S 36 The referee awards the penalty.. Luka Modric for the shot

S 36 The referee will now watch the video screen

S 35 The referee consults with the referees of video technology

S 34 Marco Asensio falls into the penalty area, but the referee decides to continue playing

S 30 A powerful shot from Issey Balazone, but Thibaut Courtois saves

S 14 Issey Balazone shoots, but the defense takes the ball away

S 10 Federico Valverde shoots but passes next to the post

S 5 Gooooool Rayo Vallecano advances with the goal of Santi Comisania with one touch after a cross cross

kick off the match

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