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Presents Live coverage of the match between Al-Ittihad of Alexandria and Tala’a Al-Jaish in the Egyptian League.

Al-Ittihad of Alexandria will host Tala’a El-Gaish in the third round of the Egyptian League.

Follow the match, moment by moment from here.

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S 68, the equalizing goal for Al Ittihad of Alexandria by substitute Agustinho Mabulolo.

S 47 A missile shot from Hisham Salah, but the Qaim counters and bounces to reach Khaled Al-Ghandour, but his shot crosses the crossbar.

S 46 is a solo from Khaled Al-Ghandour, who shot on the edge of the goal, but Omar Radwan saved.

The end of the first half

S 45 Karim Tariq launches the ball and tries to dodge, but it gets long and is blocked by the Alexandrian goalkeeper.

S 44 Zoran Manulovic, the technical director of the Alexandrian Federation receives a warning from the match referee.

S 30 A strong response from Al-Ittihad of Alexandria through Khaled Al-Ghandour, who hit a strong ball, but Khaled Radwan, the guard of the Vanguards of the Army, responded.

S 25 The first goal of the Vanguards of the Army through Karim Tariq, who evaded the defense of Al-Ittihad of Alexandria and then reached his colleague Khaled Sobhi, but his shot bounces and reaches again to Karim Tariq, who shoots it directly into the net.

S 22 First emergency change: Khaled Al-Ghandour entered instead of Karim Al-Deeb.

S 18 The chance of Al-Ittihad of Alexandria bounces completely alone by Khaled Qamar, who dodges the goalkeeper, but the ball is long from him and sends a cross that is saved by Khaled Sobhi.

S 17 A cross from Hisham Salah was met by Karim El-Deeb with a header that hit Austin Amoto.

The goalless tie clouded the atmosphere of the match after 16 minutes of the first half.

start of the match

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