FilGoal | News | Muhammad Mahmoud reveals the reason for preferring Future and choosing the union in the end… and a strong message from Al-Khatib

Mohamed Mahmoud, Al-Ahly player loaned to Al-Ittihad, expressed his happiness with the move to the Alexandrian team.

Muhammad Mahmoud revealed the reasons for his preference for the Future offer at the beginning, and then choosing Al-Ittihad at the end, in addition to a strong message from Mahmoud Al-Khatib, President of Al-Ahly.

Future and Union

Muhammad Mahmoud said on Sada Al-Balad channel: “The negotiations with the federation took place six days ago, and I had offers from Future, and there was adherence from Future and Ali Maher to join me, and therefore I was inclined to that offer at the beginning.”

He added, “In the beginning, I did not feel the seriousness and great desire of the federation, and that the matter consisted of a number of players offered by Al-Ahly within the Marwan Attia deal, and this is what I felt from my conversation with Amir Tawfiq.”

Muhammad Mahmoud revealed, “But after Muhammad Moselhi, the president of the federation, contacted me, he confirmed the club’s desire to include me and their adherence to completing the deal, so that a couple of the youth team were offered instead of me, but the federation refused and adhered to me, so my desire turned to the Alexandrian team.”

And about the players who contacted him from the federation, he explained, “Mahmoud Alaa communicated with me during the negotiations and wished for my presence, and we previously played together in the Tigris Valley, and he is like a brother to me.”

Mohamed Mahmoud stressed, “The way Al-Ittihad played is very good, and the capabilities of the coach are very clear. It is also clear that the team lacks players, so it will be a good opportunity for me and I felt myself with them.”

Khatib’s message

Mohamed Mahmoud revealed, “I met with Mahmoud Al-Khatib, president of Al-Ahly club, and he talked to me about moving to Al-Ittihad.”

And the Al-Ahly player continued, “Al-Khatib told me (I want people to say how he was with us and walked), and he has prestige, and I told him to strive to achieve this.”

Crusader injury

Muhammad Mahmoud said: “The cruciate ligament injury is very difficult, and when it happened to any player, he was very affected, and the last of which was when Akram Tawfiq was injured by it for the second time, I cried.”

He explained, “I went through a very difficult nine months after my first injury with a cut in the cruciate ligament, especially after I came to Al-Ahly, and I am a player that some are waiting for, after I came from the Tigris Valley and joined the national team.”

He added, “The second injury was after a joint ball with Walid Suleiman, and I felt pain in the knee, and after I went to the doctor outside the club, he informed me of a second injury with a cut in the cruciate ligament, and he was sad and told me, ‘You believe in God, and be patient with that.'”

He revealed, “I did not know what the cruciate ligament injury was, and at that time I felt only knee pain during the time, and I insisted on going down again, but after that I could not complete the game. During my period in the Tigris Valley, I did not suffer an injury, so the feeling was new for me.”

Mohamed Mahmoud continued, “I had offers in the summer from Future, Ceramica Cleopatra, Smouha, and the National Bank, and when the matter failed, I returned to Al-Ahly and was amazed at the decision not to participate in group training after that.”


And about his relationship with Marcel Koller, he explained, “I spoke with Koller that my desire was to go out on loan, but no share happened, and the matter is beyond my control, so why do I not participate and I did not make a mistake? He told me that he would communicate with the administration and that he had no problem with me or my capabilities, but his desire to train 25 players Just”.

Mohamed Mahmoud revealed, “I trained for a period alone until I felt bored, and Nader Shawky and Kelly suggested that I train with the juniors, and I agreed, of course, and since that time I moved to the training in Nasr City and did not go to the Tech.”

And the Al-Ahly player added, “I contacted Koller three days ago, in the presence of Nader Shawky, Amir Tawfiq and Sayed Abdel Hafeez, and I informed him about the offers presented to me and asked him what is required of me during the loan period so that I will be ready upon my return.”

And he stressed, “Kohler respected my question, and indeed he answered me, asking me to participate continuously, in addition to other technical matters to develop it, and told me that it is best to move to the team that I will participate with for a longer period.”

He said, “Praise be to God that our Lord honored me with the Al-Ahly Club, a respectable administration and respectable fans.”

Mohamed Mahmoud concluded his remarks, “I am very excited about the federation’s experience and immediately ready to participate, and I promise the fans to do my best.”

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