FilGoal | News | Muhammad Mahmoud: Time was unfair to Soaresh and Musimani did not present physical programmes..and I apologized for that behavior in Al-Ahly

Mohamed Mahmoud, Al-Ahly player loaned to Al-Ittihad of Alexandria, believes that time has been unfair to former team coach Ricardo Soares.

Muhammad Mahmoud spoke to the “Sada Al-Balad” channel, saying: “Soaresh could not implement what he wanted, and we were in our worst conditions, and I, Rabia and Hussam Hassan, and we played the remainder of the season with young players, and he did not work with the basic strength with the team. I feel that he was wronged.”

And he continued, “I see that he is a good coach and he wanted to present something different and present a beautiful ball, and we watched a lot of clips for his team in Portugal and they were playing well, I think he just did not have time.”

And about the current Al-Ahly coach, he said: “Marcel Kohler is a very good and strict coach in his work, and I wish him and the team as a whole success.”

As for losing the league for two consecutive years, was it due to arbitration?

When asked whether Zamalek negotiated with him, he answered, “Zamalek never spoke to me, and all the negotiations were from other clubs.”

Mohamed Mahmoud revealed that Almeria, Spain, had earlier tried to include him and said: “This is true, and I think this is information that was not known before.”

And about his relationship with the former coach of the team, Pitso Musimani, he said: “After I returned from my cartilage injury, I was overweight and was not physically fit, and Pitso Musimane was not involving me because of that, and he saw that I was not ready.”

And he continued, “Musimane was asking us to return fit from vacations, and he did not provide us with any programs to train on, but rather he depended on us to return fit.”

And he continued, “I returned from injury and participated directly in the League Cup, and I was not good, so I was not registered in the Club World Cup, on the other hand, Ziyad Tariq took advantage of it well, so he joined.”

Mohamed Mahmoud revealed a behavior that made him forced to apologize to his fellow players and said: “The ES Setif match in Algeria in the African Champions League after winning the quadruple in Cairo, I cried in the technical lecture after I was excluded, and I closed the door of the room violently, and my colleagues tried to call me, but I did not pay attention to them and went to my room.”

And he continued, “Then Walid Suleiman asked me to apologize to the players before the match so that their focus would not be distracted and because they were upset because I was not in the match.”

And he added, “I told the players, I’m sorry, I don’t know how I acted in that way, and you know that I didn’t mean anything, but I was hoping to be with you on the field and share the joy with you, focus on the match, and we have to win back.”

And about the most beloved tournament for his heart, he replied, “The ninth CAF Champions League title. I celebrate that championship until now. I was walking with crutches at the time, and after Afsha’s goal against Zamalek, I would have been injured again because of the celebration.”

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