FilGoal | News | Murtada: We transferred Donga’s money to Pyramids… and a press conference to present 10 deals

Mortada Mansour, President of Zamalek, announced the inclusion of his club, Nabil Imad “Donga”, midfielder for Pyramids.

Mortada Mansour spoke on his official YouTube channel today, Thursday, saying: “We will hold a big press conference to present 10 deals after the team’s mission returns from Cameroon.”

Zamalek is preparing to meet Chad’s Elect in Cameroon next Sunday in the first leg of the preliminary round of the African Champions League.

“We signed with Dunga and his club, but the money has not been transferred.”

He added, “While Dunga was with the national team, he was injured, and whatever the duration of his absence, I issued the order to transfer the money to Pyramids this morning.”

He continued, “This is the difference between us and those who told Kahraba that we will protect you from being suspended, and after stopping him, they say we have nothing to do with the matter and we will help him from afar, while you are the reason for his drowning.”

He stressed, “Kahraba moved from a respected club to a respectable club, but the method of transfer was not like that.”

Regarding the transfer market, he said: “We have two deals left, and we will complete all agreements within two days.”

Mortada concluded his speech, sending a message, saying: “I was not supposed to make deals. I won the championships, the league, and the Egypt Cup with Omar Al-Saeed and without Ferjani Sassi, Razak Cissé, Tariq Hamed, Mohamed Abu Jabal and Mustafa Mohamed. Real”.

And had revealed earlier that Omar Jaber and Dunga were close to joining Zamalek from Pyramids. (See details)

This summer, Zamalek included Ibrahim Naday and Zakaria Al-Wardi, and his goalkeeper, Mohamed Sobhi, was returned from loan to Farco.

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