FilGoal | News | Mustafa Abdo: The chants of the Mahalla fans made my son depressed.. These are the scenes of my departure

Mustafa Abdo, the former coach of Ghazl El Mahalla, expressed his regret at the chants he was subjected to from the team’s fans.

Abdo left Ghazl El-Mahalla at the end of last season when his contract expired after remaining in the Premier League.

“I hope the fans’ criticism of any coach that is not comprehensive will have his reputation,” Abdo said on Ontime Sports 1:

He added, “I can tolerate this even if all the fans revolted against me, but the abusive chants affected my home and my young son, who went into depression for two weeks.”

He continued, “I know the fans and meet them all anywhere in Mahalla, and that’s why their cheers affected me greatly.”

He stressed, “But anyone who works in the coaching profession must be up to the pressure. If I did not bear those pressures, I would have left the team after two matches.”

Abdo revealed the scenes of his departure: “My contract with the team ended with the whistle of the referee Al-Banna at the end of the Alexandrian Al-Ittihad match in the last round.”

And he continued, “I successfully performed my mission by a million percent, which is to stay, and that is equivalent to occupying the fifth place, there is no difference.”

He pointed out: “After that match, I met with the administration and presented them with my detailed technical report, and the conversation was about my continuation.”

He added, “Then another meeting took place and they told me that they were thinking of bringing in a coach and being a general coach with him, so I rejected the idea, and the talk at the time was about Papavasilio.”

He revealed: “The financial compensation that the Ghazl al-Mahalla coach receives is approximately 10% compared to the salaries of the rest of the league coaches, but Ghazl al-Mahalla is my home, if they ask me for free, I will answer the call.”

El-Mahalla ranked 14th in the Egyptian Premier League and managed to avoid relegation in the last round.

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