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Al-Ahly club decided to cancel the team’s training tomorrow, Monday, at the request of Swiss coach Marcel Koehler.

Kohler supervised the team’s training for the first time today, Sunday, after his presence at the club.

and learned That cancellation was at Kohler’s request.

The coach asked for accurate physical measurements of the team’s players.

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It is expected that it will be performed in a specialized center and will take the whole day.

Marcel Koehler was inside Al-Ahly’s corridors today, Sunday, accompanied by the assistant apparatus, and they held a session with Al-Khatib.

The session witnessed the presence of Michel Yancon, who returned to the position of goalkeeper coach, Sami Kommas, general coach, and Sayed Abdel Hafeez, director of football.

On the other hand, Marcel Kohler led the team for the first time, which witnessed the presence of all players except Aliou Diang.

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The training session witnessed the presence of Michel Yancon, who led the training of the four guards, Mohamed El-Shennawy, Ali Lotfy, Hamza Alaa, and Mustafa Schubert.

On the other hand, Hussein Al-Shahat fully organized the group training, while Amr Al-Sulayya, Taher Mohamed Taher and Mahmoud Metwally participated in a part of the group training, before they completed the physical exercises.

The training was limited to light physical exercises due to the players returning from the end of the season.

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