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The Al-Ahly club’s medical staff set the date for Ammar Hamdi, the team’s midfielder, to participate in group training.

and learned Ammar Hamdi to participate in Al-Ahly group training after 3 weeks.

Ammar Hamdi underwent physical examinations and measurements to follow up his response to the rehabilitation program to recover from the cruciate ligament surgery he performed several months ago.

Al-Ahly’s medical staff is following up on the rehabilitation program that Ammar Hamdi is running as part of his qualification to participate in group training during the coming period.

Ammar Hamdi underwent cruciate ligament surgery several months ago and has been through rehabilitation programs in preparation for returning to participate in group training.

Ahmed Abu Abla, head of the medical apparatus, had revealed earlier, the date of the return of the duo, Mohamed Magdy Afsha and Mohamed Sharif, to Al-Ahly training.

Abu Abla said in statements to the official website: “The duo continues to implement the qualifying program with the aim of preparing for a return to group training.”

He added, “Afsha returns to group training within a week, while Muhammad Sharif will return to training after ten days, according to the medical assessment of the duo’s condition.”

Afsha had performed a hernia operation in the abdominal wall, while Muhammad Sharif sustained an injury to the connective muscle

Al-Ahly will perform its training today in two periods, according to the training program set by the technical staff, led by the Swiss Marcel Koehler.

The Swiss coach, Marcel Kohler, set the dates for 3 friendly matches that the team will play in preparation for the new season, on September 21, 25 and 29.

Al-Ahly, the winner of the match between the Tunisian Federation of Monastir and the Rwandan army, is waiting to face it in the 32nd round of the African Champions League.

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