FilGoal | News | Ochoa Conference: I am lucky to be in the World Cup for the fifth time…and so we will stop Lewandowski

Mexico goalkeeper Jeremy Ochoa has stressed that playing in a fifth World Cup is a dream for him, noting that his team must prevent the ball from reaching Poland striker Robert Lewandowski.

Mexico will play Poland in its first World Cup match.

“I’m lucky to be in the World Cup for the fifth time, it’s like a dream,” Ochoa said in the pre-match press conference. “Being here is not easy at all for a footballer. There are great players who don’t get the chance to experience a World Cup in their careers.”

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He added, “I want it to be a different and better World Cup for everyone. Every World Cup has its own history and value. The 2014 match (against Brazil) meant a lot to me, and so the street and people constantly remind me of it. I hope we leave another beautiful picture at the World Cup.”

“We focused on what is ours. To have self-criticism within the group and to improve. We are the first to want to improve every time a game doesn’t go well for us. We like to win and we like to win by playing well. We want him to feel.” People are happy with these kind of matches.”

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And he went on to criticize the media, “I notice that the group is excited about the start of the World Cup. There are many young people who do not have experience in the tournament, but some have experience in the Olympic Games and many matches with the national team. The concern about that first match will always be present.”

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He concluded about Lewandowski, “We have to focus on not giving him options. Of course his teammates need to give him scoring opportunities, and we have to take that into account. The plan is to cut the ball from them and keep them out of the goal. It will be an important challenge for me and all my teammates.”

Mexico is in Group C, along with Saudi Arabia, Poland and Argentina.

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