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Gareth Bale, the star of the Wales national team, spoke about the upcoming confrontation with Iran in the 2022 World Cup in Qatar, regarding the ban on wearing the One Love badge, which is punishable by a yellow card.

“We weren’t very happy about not wearing the badge,” Bale said at the news conference.

“Of course we support the campaign, but at the same time we are here to play football,” he added.

“Not wearing the badge does not mean that we do not support the campaign, and we are all for creating awareness,” he said.

The Wales national team will play against Iran tomorrow – Friday – at Ahmed Bin Ali Stadium at 12 noon.

This date coincides with ten o’clock in the morning in Wales, the time of study, of course, which is what the player commented on, saying: “If I were one of the teachers, I would allow the students to watch the match.”

“It’s a historic moment for Wales to be in the World Cup. It’s a mini history lesson,” he added.

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And about his chance to become the most participating player in the Welsh shirt in history, he said: “I was not thinking about that, to be honest. I only focus on the match, but on a personal level this is a great achievement, and it is an honor for me to represent my country in this number of matches.”

He concluded, “But the most important thing is to try to win the match, and we hope to succeed in that so that it becomes more special.”

Gareth Bale is equal to Chris Gunter with 109 matches each, and the latter is on the bench, which means that Bale will break the record against Iran and lead the way.

Bale began his international career in 2006, scoring 41 goals that made him the country’s all-time top scorer.

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