FilGoal | News | Pyramids reveals the reason for the absence of Abdullah Al-Saeed and the team duo from the Niger trip

Abdullah Al-Saeed and Abdul Rahim Dagmoom – Al-Masry x Pyramids

The Pyramids team loses the efforts of its captain, Abdullah Al-Saeed, in the team’s journey to face Nigel, the champion of Niger, in the first leg of the 32-plus round of the Confederation Cup.

Besides Abdullah Al-Saeed, Ibrahim Adel and Islam Issa are absent from facing the Niger champion.

Pyramids Club revealed that Abdullah Al-Saeed’s absence comes due to his suffering from a severe cold and a high temperature.

The cold prevented Abdullah Al-Saeed from traveling to Niger, and the technical staff, led by Takis Junias, preferred the player’s continuation in Cairo to recover before the return match.

Pyramids will visit Nigel, the champion of Niger, at 5:30 p.m. on Wednesday at General Seni Konichi Stadium in Niamey, the capital of Niger, in the first leg of the 32-plus round of the Confederation Cup, while the return match will be held on November 9 in Cairo.

While Ibrahim Adel, the young striker, is absent after being injured in the Olympic team with a muscle strain in the front.

Ibrahim Adel began his rehabilitation program with the team to be ready for the return leg.

As for Islam Issa, he is absent due to the suspension after he was expelled against Hilal Al-Sahel of Sudan in the previous round of the championship.

While the duo Ahmed Fathi and Dodo Al-Jabbas continue their qualifying training to enter the team’s list during the upcoming matches.

The Pyramids delegation will leave Cairo this afternoon on its way to Niamey in preparation for the match, after a final training session at the club’s stadium in Cairo, provided that the team will play its only training in Niger at the match stadium on Tuesday evening.

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