FilGoal | News | Rayan: I did not provoke the players of Zamalek, but one of them spat in my face .. and Al-Ahly misses Ramadan Sobhi

Pyramids – Ceramica Cleopatra – Ahmed Yasser Rayan

Ahmed Yasser Rayan, the recently transferred Ceramica Cleopatra striker from Al-Ahly, denied the incident of provoking Zamalek players while playing with El-Gouna.

The incident dates back to the 2018-2019 season, when El-Gouna tied with Zamalek with two goals for each team, and contributed to keeping the league title away from it, which Al-Ahly won.

In his statements to MBC Egypt, Ryan said: “My mistake was that I was used to getting the ball out of the net when the team was late, perhaps that was what was provocative.”

He added, “My hand gesture had nothing to do with the league, and after Mahmoud al-Shabrawi’s goal, I did not tell them: (The league is gone).”

He explained, “One of the Zamalek players spat in my face and hit me with his foot. What happened is that Al-Shabrawy scored two minutes after my goal, and my entire team came out celebrating at the bench, so I stayed alone on the field so that Zamalek did not restart the match and scored before the rest of the return.”

And he continued, “I stayed in the semi-circle of the stadium from the side of Zamalek, and that player attacked me, and Youssef Obama was present, but he was separating us and asked me to return to our half of the stadium, so I told him: I will not return, my entire team is abroad.”

Rayan continued, “Not all of the Zamalek players interfered, but about 2 or 3, and one of them said to me: Do you think you will return to Al-Ahly in this way? I told him: Consider me not a player for Al-Ahly club, I am now in El-Gouna.”

And he concluded, “At this moment, I indicated my hand, which is the sign that I explained that I finished the league and put it on Zamalek.”

And about the player who spat on him in that incident, he said: “In the stadium, things are different from outside. Me and this player have spoken in the national team and we are still in contact so far. The fans take things nervously, and when we met in the national team he apologized to me and it was over.”

Rayan recounted another incident in front of Zamalek as well: “In another match against Zamalek, they accused me of insulting Tariq Yahya. In this match, I was a substitute and participated in the second half.

She left the field after the match. Someone in the stands said to me: (Let Al-Ahly benefit you), and I told him: You have won us with two penalty kicks. That’s all I said. I did not speak to Tariq Yahya.”

When asked about the secret of Rayyan’s repeated exposure to the phrase “Let Al-Ahly benefit you,” the player replied, “I don’t know, but it benefits me. If it wasn’t for Al-Ahly, I wouldn’t be here.”

Regarding the coach who wronged him, he said: “I did not deal with Rene Fyler, and the one who wronged me was Pitso Mosimane. I cannot impose my conviction on the coach, but if he gave me the opportunity at that time when I was at my best, that would have made a difference.”

But if he was not able to retire in Al-Ahly as he dreams, and by choosing between Zamalek and Pyramids or any club outside Egypt, Rayan replied, “Out of Egypt.”

As for the best deal made by Al-Ahly between Bruno Savio, Shadi Hussein and Mustafa Saad, Rayan chose Shadi Hussein.

And between the French striker, Mustafa Mohamed, the French striker, Marwan Hamdi, the recently joined Egyptian striker, and the Al-Ahly striker, Mohamed Sherif, he was chosen as the best Egyptian striker currently.

When asked about the player that Al-Ahly will regret for neglecting him between Nasser Maher, Ahmed Ramadan Beckham and Ramadan Sobhi, Rayan said: “I cannot say regret. Al-Ahly does not regret anyone, but whoever misses him technically is Ramadan because I see him different.”

Regarding Ramadan Sobhi, Rayan added, “I do not think that Ramadan is the Zamalek mass deal. He was raised in Al-Ahly, this will not be easy. Ramadan has found his future in Pyramids. If I was in his position, I do not think I would take the same decision.”

Rayan returned to the ranks of Al-Ahly after the end of his loan in the Turkish Altay, to move in a final sale deal to Ceramica Cleopatra.

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