FilGoal | News | South Africa coach after excluding Percy Tao: I didn’t get him fit… and I think Al-Ahly wants him to leave

Percy Tau in the last training session before facing Wydad

South Africa coach Hugo Bruce justified his exclusion of Percy Tau from his list of summons to meet Sierra Leone and Botswana

Because of his suffering from injury and his lack of participation during the recent period with Al-Ahly.

Hugo Bruce spoke in comments carried by the South African “Times Live” website, saying: “I spoke with Percy Tau a lot this week.

The past, yes, the situation is not good for him.”

He continued, “First, he was injured for many periods last season, then he came back and was injured, then he came back again and he was injured again.”

And he continued, “I’ve never had Percy Tau at his full level in my team, I didn’t have him at 100% of his level before due to injury, and I couldn’t choose him.”

And the South African coach added, “With the current situation after the departure of Pitso Mosimane from Al-Ahly, and if I can believe what they write in the newspapers, Al-Ahly wants to get rid of him.”

And Hugo Bruce continued his statements, “I do not think that from what I have read, all the teams were interested in including Tao, but Al-Ahly is the one who offers it to them because they want to get rid of him.”

He stressed, “This situation is not good for Tao and with the end of transfers in all countries now, he may be forced to stay, and what will happen to him there?”

And he added, “I am sad because the situation he is going through is not good. Tao makes the difference in your team, but yes, this is the current situation and I cannot change it.”

The South African coach concluded his statements by saying: “I hope that while he remains in Al-Ahly, he will get his chance to prove his quality as a player, but this matter depends on the new coach, Marcel Koehler.”

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