FilGoal | News | “Stop acting like a monkey” .. Neymar and Pele at the forefront of Brazil’s uprising to defend Vinicius against racism

The statements of Pedro Bravo, president of the Spanish Players’ Agents Association, about Vinicius Junior, the Real Madrid star, sparked a state of anger and support for the Brazilian player.

The beginning came from the statements of the Atletico Madrid star Koke before the two teams met in the derby of the Spanish capital, where Vinicius promised that there would be a problem if he scored and celebrated in his dancing way.

Bravo picked up the thread more sharply. Addressing Vinicius, he said: “You have to respect the opponent. If you want to dance, go to the samba hall in Brazil. In Spain you have to respect your competitors and stop behaving like a monkey.”

Bravo may have meant dancing as “monkey”, but that doesn’t make a difference now, that notorious description has long been used by racists to describe black players, so dance is no longer the focus of this controversy.

The first shot was fired by Newcastle United’s Bruno Guimarães, saying: “This idiot should leave the place arrested. No excuses. If that’s what he says on air, imagine what he says outside. It’s unimaginable if he isn’t arrested.”

Neymar, the star of Paris Saint-Germain, quickly joined the matter, saying: “Dance Vinnie Jr. Dribble and dance and be yourself, be happy your way. Next goal we will dance.”

As for Pele, the Brazilian football legend, wrote on Twitter: “The ball is happiness. It is a real dance and party. Although racism still exists, we will not allow it to stop us from smiling. We will continue to fight against racism in this way: we fight for our right to be Be happy.”

Also, Eder Militao, the defender of Real Madrid and the Brazil national team, said: “Brother Vinicius, celebrating goals is your right, and a racist comment will not take that away from you. Count on me. More victories are coming in football and beyond, and always the utmost respect for each of us.”

Finally, the Brazilian Football Confederation wrote on Twitter: “There will be dancing and dribbling, but above all respect. On Thursday night (September 15) our player Vinicius Junior was subjected to racist statements. The Brazilian Federation shows its solidarity and support.”

Real Madrid will host Atletico Madrid on Sunday, September 18 at the Wanda Metropolitano in the Spanish League.

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