FilGoal | News | Talaat Youssef: I was close to a Cairo club in the Premier League… and the reasons for my refusal to train in the second division

Talaat Youssef, the former coach of El Gouna, revealed that he was close to taking over the leadership of a Cairo club in the Premier League.

Talaat Youssef rejected the idea of ​​completing his career with El Gouna in the second division, stressing that the matter has dedicated people.

Talaat Youssef said on Sada Al-Balad channel: “He asked me for technical advice on everything that was coming at El Gouna Club, although my contract stipulated that in the event of landing, it would be automatically terminated.”

He explained, “I think that the second division competitions have their own people, and I refused to persevere and nominated Sayed Eid to manage El Gouna in order to take over the leadership of the team after me.”

Talaat Youssef added, “Ahmed Bebo is able to ascend El Gouna to the Premier League after he succeeded in leading Aswan to qualify.”

Ahmed Bebo officially led the El Gouna team in order to try to climb back to the Premier League.

Talaat Youssef revealed, “There were negotiations with me from the Cairo club in the Premier League last week, but in the end we did not agree on the final details.”

When asked about his opinion of Mohamed Salah’s start this season, he explained, “Salah finished last season with a strong and in a very distinct technical condition, and it is normal for a drop in the level.”

He stressed, “Salah was subjected to great pressure during the last period, and I think that it affected him mentally.”

Talaat Youssef concluded his statements, “My expectation is that Mohamed Salah is able, with his personality, to return to competition again, and I think that Sadio Mane’s departure has affected a little, especially since there was no compensation for that void after his departure.”

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