FilGoal | News | The Athletic: Liverpool FC offered for sale

Liverpool fans in the Champions League final against Real Madrid

The Athletic Network revealed that the Fenway Group, which owns Liverpool, is offering the English club for sale.

The Athletic report indicated that the group invited parties interested in buying the club to submit appropriate offers.

Goldman Sachs and Morgan Stanley, one of the most famous US financial and investment services firms, are in the process of estimating the value of the pending transaction.

The report added that it was not clear whether the sale had actually taken place or not.

The Athletic published a statement from the company that read as follows:

“There have been a number of recent ownership changes to some Premier League clubs and rumors of ownership changes to other clubs.”

“The group has received frequent questions about our desire to sell the club, and there has been a lot of interest from other parties seeking to take a stake in the club.”

“We have said before that we will look under the terms and conditions to see if it is in the best interest of the club.”

“Fenway Sports Group is fully committed to Liverpool’s success on and off the field.”

Fenway Sports Group has owned Liverpool FC since October 2010, after it bought the club’s ownership for 300 million pounds.

With the group, Liverpool won many titles, such as the English Premier League, the Champions League, the European Super, the Club World Cup, the FA Cup, the League Cup and the Charity Shield.

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