FilGoal | News | The excitement of overtime breaks Farco’s draws with a difficult victory over the border guards

Farco broke his last string of draws under Nuno Almeida and snatched a thrilling victory over Haras El Hodoud.

Farco snatched a fatal victory by defeating Haras El Hodoud with a goal free of charge in the matches of the second round of the league competition.

Ahmed Sherif scored the only goal in the 92nd minute.

Thus, Farco raised his score to four points, after he tied in the opening round against Al-Ahly Bank, while Haras Al-Hodoud is without a score of points.

nothing new

The match started, as usual for most of Farco’s league matches, with playing in the middle of the field without a real danger to the two goals.

And there were no dangerous chances for the two goals in the first 20 minutes of the match.

Haras El Hodoud player Ahmed Shedid Kenawy sent a wonderful cross in the 23rd minute, and Farco’s defense turned it into a corner before it reached the military team’s attackers.

Farco player Hassan Tariq surprised the border guards’ defenses with a powerful shot in the 25th minute, but Mohamed Fawzi deservedly caught it.

Haras El-Hodoud made an emergency substitution in the 30th minute, with midfielder Mustafa Gamal out injured and Ahmed Amer replacing him.

The match calmed down again in the last quarter of an hour of the half, but without any danger to end as the match started with a goalless draw.

Second half

The two teams exchanged control of the ball in the first quarter of an hour without any danger.

The referee awarded a penalty kick in the 64th minute to the border guards after being blocked by Ahmed El Bahrawy for Omar Bassam, but he retracted his decision and calculated it as a mistake from outside the penalty area after returning to the video technology.

Farco relied on shooting from outside the penalty area in the last ten minutes in search of snatching the winning goal.

Rizki Hamroun hit Farko from outside the penalty area in the 81st minute, but Mohamed Fawzy grabbed it successfully.

Mahmoud Hamada almost opened the scoring for Farko in the 89th minute with a powerful shot, but the goalkeeper saved it twice.

Excitement over time

The referee awarded four minutes of added time and witnessed great excitement.

Haras El Hodoud almost scored a fatal goal in the 91st minute through Mahmoud Abdullah, but over the crossbar.

The ball rebounded with a counter-attack by Farco, scored by Ahmed Sherif in the 92nd minute, with a fatal goal.

Ahmed Sherif extracted a wonderful cross from Mahmoud Hamada and overtook the goalkeeper to hit it into the net.

Haras El Hodoud almost equalized in the 94th minute, but Farco goalkeeper Mohamed Sheka starred and saved his goal.

Almeida numbers

Farco played his 23rd game under Nuno Almeida in the league since coming to lead the team.

Farco raised his tally to five victories under Almeida’s leadership, compared to 14 draws and four defeats.

Farco kept his 14th clean sheet under Almeida’s leadership.

Farco’s victory over Haras El Hodoud is the team’s first since five matches, when it beat Al Ahly Bank with a goal in return for the 30th round of last season.

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