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The stories of the Algerians in the French national team on the voice of Rachid Taha

On July 12, 1998 Zinedine Zidane, of Algerian origin, twice rose above the defense of Brazil to raise the head of France.

Zidane scored twice against Taffarel, as the son of the Algerian immigrant, who was born in France, lifted the World Cup for the first time in the history of the roosters.

In the background, an Arab voice sings in Paris from another Algerian immigrant, singing to his friend who wants to emigrate and leave his homeland.

“Oh, the outgoing, where is the traveler, do you go, wake up and take over… the regret of the unaware servants before you and me.”

Today, on the fourth anniversary of Rashid Taha’s death, republishes this report to you.

Thousands of French people gathered on the Champs Elysees to celebrate the World Cup, coinciding with the release of an album “Diwan” The song “Ya Rayeh” is directed by the Algerian singer Rachid Taha Al-Muhajir.

The album’s success and the song’s worldwide spread, even though it was in the Maghreb dialect, sparked the golden period of rai music in France.

The song originally belongs to the Algerian artist Dahmane El Harrachi, who wrote it for his friend who was insisting on emigrating in search of better living conditions, then Rachid Taha re-presented it in 1993 before it was officially released on his album in 1998.


“I saw the rich countries and the empty land.. the time was lost, and the more and more still left.”

“Oh, the absent in the country of the people, you are scarce, aware of what is going on.. with you the promise of ability is long gone, and you do not know.”

Forty years before Zidane lifted the World Cup, the French national team was entering the 1954 World Cup in Sweden among the candidates for the title, but it lost from Brazil 5-2 in the semi-finals. The big loss for France was carried by the media for the great Algerian escape.

At the time, the French team was supposed to include 4 Algerian players who constituted a great source of its strength: Saint-Etienne star Rachid Makhloufi, Monaco defender Mustapha Zitouni and his colleague Abdelaziz Bentifauz, Monaco striker, and Reims striker Mohamed Maouche.

However, the Algerian players disappeared two months before they were due to travel to Sweden, along with 30 other players playing in the French League, to meet all of them in Tunisia.

The plan was orchestrated by the National Liberation Front, which has been leading a war in Algeria against French colonialism since November 1954.

The leaders of the front wanted to form a team that would represent Algeria and commissioned a well-known player in the French league, Mohamed Boumzraq, to ​​collect the Algerian players in France, and deport them to Tunisia in order to form the FLN team.


The French press revealed that Mostafa Zitouni played his last matches with the French national team in March 1958 against Spain, and at that time, the superstar Alfredo Di Stefano was denied registration in the presence of the Real Madrid president Santiago Bernabeu in the stands.

After the match, the Bernabeu offered the Algerian player to join Real Madrid, but Zitouni apologized.

Zitouni’s apology was due to his planning to flee from France to Tunisia to join the FLN team.

It is not only Zitouni who was waiting for a bright future in France. Rachid Makhloufi, 22, at the time, had won the World Cup with the French military team.

Makhloufi continued to serve Algeria even after his retirement, and his greatest achievement was when he was among the technical staff that first brought the Desert Warriors to the World Cup in 1982.

Under his leadership in the World Cup, Mostafa Dahlab, who played fifth in the Paris Saint-Germain top scorer through the ages, preferred Algeria over France.

On the contrary, William Ayach chose to represent the French national team, even though he was born in Algeria and was the left-back in winning the gold in the 1984 Olympics and then the bronze in the 1986 World Cup.


After the World Cup, the Bercy Arena stadium opened its doors to three Rai singers, Rachid Taha, Cheb Khaled and Cheb Fadil, to perform a concert in which they presented their most prominent songs and songs from the Algerian heritage.

In 1999, a concert album called “1,2,3 soleils” was released, which sold a million copies.

Although the age of Algerians migrating to France is long, all of them lost their way to its national team before Zidane.

After Zidane, France opened its door to host the Algerian national team for the first time on October 6, 2001, less than a month after the attacks that targeted the World Trade Center in New York.

The match was not completed after the Algerian fans stormed the stadium and the referee canceled it with the 77th minute, and the voices of some Algerian fans chanted “Osama .. Osama”, in reference to Osama bin Laden, with insults to Zidane “Zidan Harki”, which means that Zidane is a traitor Algerian soldier loyal to France, before The audience descended and stormed the stadium, and the referee ended the match in the 76th minute.

Zidane then said it was the worst moment of his career. (read more about it)

Some Algerians could not bear to see a star from their country playing for another team that was occupying their land.


“Why is your heart sad, and why is it like this for Al-Zawali? The hardship does not last, or I will slow down, and I will know and write to me what.”

“May the days last, but not your youth and my youth, Halilo.. and the poor who disappointed Saado, so that my flower is

In an article published by the Algerian newspaper “Al-Shorouk” after the 2018 World Cup final against Croatia, its writer “Saleh Saudi” said that the Algerians encouraged Croatia against France.

The author of the article pointed out that the Algerians are still angry due to the French criticism campaign directed at Zinedine Zidane after he was expelled in the 2006 World Cup final despite everything he gave them. (read article)

Regardless of the supportive category of the French national team, under the pretext of the priority of the technical side over the emotional aspect and historical backgrounds, the Algerians often introduced politics, history and economics into sports affairs, as evidenced by their previous positions against the French team, where they supported Portugal in the 2016 Euro final, which was crowned With the European title at the expense of the French, who cried long after the match, and Zidane’s presence as the best star in the French team at the end of the nineties and the beginning of the millennium did not prevent them from expressing their satisfaction with the loss of the “roosters” team to the 2006 World Cup final against Italy, and their joy increased with this failure, especially after the coup in the street and the media. The French against Zinedine Zidane because of his famous headbutt in the final, forgetting the sacrifices of “Zizou” throughout his pregnancy for the colors of the French team, which made many Algerians reach the conviction that the memory of the French will remain short, in light of their forgetting and ignoring the contributions of players of Algerian origin, which is the matter Which makes them convinced of the option of supporting every team that faces the French national team, especially in crucial matches.”

This was also the opinion of Rashid Taha, even if he did not speak at the end of 2018.

Celebrating immigrants at the time of victory is only talked about by Rashid Taha in an interview with the newspaper “The Independent” in 2004, in which he said: “The songs I present take on a political character because people are tired of what is happening. The tension between the French and the immigrants has never been said.”

“When France wins a football match things get better, and when they lose it gets worse.”

“There are no people of Arab origin in the government or political parties, and this is what makes me more inclined towards politics.”


The history of Algerian participation in the French national team continued, but this did not prevent what Rachid Taha talked about and narrated in his song. Karim Benzema believed that racism was the reason for his departure from the roosters at Euro 2016 and the 2018 World Cup, not his crisis with his colleague Valbuena.

In the same year, Riyad Mahrez, who chose to represent the Algerian national team over France and Morocco, was winning the award for the best player in the English Premier League after leading his team, Leicester City, to achieve the miracle of crowning the league.

Mahrez was among 16 players who represented Algeria in the 2014 World Cup and were born in France, and 8 of them played for the youth and youth teams in France.

In general, the Algerian national team has represented 82 players born in France throughout its history.

France won the previous edition of the World Cup for the second time in its history, after 20 years of Zidane’s two heads.

87% of the French national team is of foreign origin, and Algeria is also present in Karim Benzema and Mbappe.

The mother of Kylian Mbappe, the most prominent young star in the list of Algerian cocks, and playmaker Nabil Fekir is also of Algerian origin.

“Oh traveler, we give you my commandment. I give it to Bakri. See what works for you before you sell or buy.”

“O sleeper, I came to tell you, so that you will become Egyptian.. This is how he wanted and decreed in the forehead, Glory be to the High.”

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