FilGoal | News | With a deadly goal, Nantes snatched a valuable victory led by Mustafa Mohamed against Karabagh in the European League

Nantes snatched a valuable victory against Karabagh in the fifth round of the European League group stage.

The duo Ludovic Blas and Ignatius Ganago scored the two goals for Nantes and Filip Azubic scored the goal of Karabag.

Nantes raised its score at point 6 in third place, and Nantes’ chances of qualifying for the round of 16 of the competition will remain, and it will have the last decisive match against Olympiacos.

Karabagh’s balance stopped at the seventh point in second place.


Mustafa Mohamed started the attack of Nantes to face Karabagh in the European League.

Match events

The first most dangerous chance of the meeting came at the 12th minute, through a judge from the Karabagh player after a solo, but his shot was blocked by the Nantes goalkeeper.

Nantes opened the scoring in the 17th minute through Ludovic Blass, who took advantage of a fatal pass error from the Nantes goalkeeper.

Blass returned in an attempt to double the score at the 22nd minute through Blass, but his shot passes next to the right post.

Nantes almost doubled the score at the 34th minute through Samuel Mutosami, who sends a shot from the middle of the field, but it is blocked by Karabagh goalkeeper.

With the beginning of the second half, Karabagh got a penalty kick for Philip Azubic, who hit the ball directly in the middle of the net.

The reaction came from Nantes quickly through Mustafa Mohamed at the 58th minute, but the goalkeeper stopped it and hit the crossbar, then returned to the field and was taken out by the defense.

Mustafa Mohamed returned and threatened Karabagh’s goal in the 66th minute after receiving the ball on the chest and then a shot at the bird, but outside the field.

Nantes snatched an exciting goal in the fifth minute of stoppage time through Ignatius Janago, who passed the ball after a great skill and shot it into the net.

And another match for the same group, Olympiacos tied with Viborg with a goal for the same in the fifth round of the group stage.

The ranking of the seventh group comes after 5 rounds:

Freiburg: 13 points.

Karabakh: 7 points.

Nantes: 6 points.

Olympiacos: two points.

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