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Portuguese coach Josefaldo Ferreira, coach of the first football team of Zamalek, sent motivational messages to the players before the start of training today, Tuesday, at Abdellatif Abu Regeila Stadium at the club’s headquarters, in preparation for facing Elect Sport of Chad in the African Champions League.

During his conversation with the players, Ferreira stressed the need to focus and prepare seriously for this important confrontation at the beginning of the competition for the African Championship.

The coach stressed his confidence in all players and their ability to make every effort to continue the path of success and reach the desired and agreed goal, which is to achieve victories.

The Portuguese explained that the start of the African championship must be strong in order to be an incentive to reach the desired goal.

At the end of his speech, he asked the players to implement technical and planning matters within the framework of the training program in preparation for the next confrontation.

Ferreira raised the physical load of the players during Tuesday’s training, and the team’s players performed various rehabilitation and physical exercises on the field, using the tools designated for this, in addition to a paragraph using the ball, and this paragraph lasted for approximately 20 minutes.

The duo, Andre Philippe Sousa, the load planner, and Daniel Gonzalez, the performance analyst, were keen to take note of all the notes related to this paragraph, and conveyed some instructions to the players to implement them within the framework of the qualifying program to prepare them for the next confrontation against Chad’s Elect Sport.

Ferreira was keen to give Mahmoud Hamdi, the team’s defender, “Al Wensh”, special instructions during the training.

And the coach of the team asked the player to implement some tactical matters related to his position, as part of the preparations for facing the Chad champion.

Ferreira dedicated a special tactical paragraph to the players during Tuesday’s training, and the team’s technical staff focused during this paragraph on implementing some technical and tactical matters related to the game plan.

And the technical staff of the team divided the players into three groups, so that each two groups performed the tactical paragraph under the leadership of Osama Nabih, the general coach, Ahmed Abdel Maksoud and Roy Aguash, the assistant coaches, and the supervision of the Portuguese coach, Josevaldo Ferreira.

While the third group performed additional exercises under the leadership of André Philippe Souza, the scheme of loads is alternated between the three groups to perform this additional paragraph.

The Zamalek players performed a special training session for shooting on the goal during the training session, led by Roy Aguash, the team’s assistant coach, and the focus was on shooting on the goal from various distances to increase the accuracy of the players’ shooting.

Zamalek players fought a strong technical division during the training that took place today, Tuesday.

This division was established in a part of the field, and the players were divided into three teams to fight the division, and the winning team continued on the field with the losing team out.

During the division, the technical staff of the team was keen to implement all the tactical matters that were trained, in preparation for the next confrontation against Chadian Elect.

And each of: Imam Ashour, Muhammad Abdul-Ghani, Hussam Abdul-Majid, Mahmoud Alaa, Youssef Osama Nabih, Muhammad Ashraf Roqa and Ahmed Fattouh appeared well.

Zamalek is preparing to meet its Chadian counterpart, Elect Sport, scheduled for September 18 in Cameroon, in the first leg of the 64th round of the African Champions League.

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