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The Portuguese coach Josevaldo Ferreira, coach of the Zamalek team, held a long session with the players before the start of the group training that was held today, Sunday, at the Abdel Latif Abu Regeila stadium at the club’s headquarters, in preparation for the upcoming match against Enppi in the Premier League competition.

The coach sent important messages to the players in the presence of his assistant, and asked them to permanently close the page of the last local super match, and thanked the players for the effort.

Ferreira stressed the need to focus in the coming period, in order to continue the march of victories in the league to continue to defend the title.

The coach stressed his full confidence in all the players and their ability to provide the best during the coming period and to appear in the best way.

At the end of the session, which lasted for about 10 minutes, Ferreira explained some technical matters and gave the players special instructions to implement them during training in preparation for the next match against Enppi.

The players who participated in the Super as starters performed an additional physical training segment, after participating in qualifying exercises with the rest of the players.

Ferreira then decided to exempt the main players from participating in the rest of the training sessions during the training session.

Mohamed Abdel Shafi and Al-Benini Samson Aquinola performed a special training session for the ball individually under the leadership of Andre Philip Sousa, the load scheme, after performing the qualifying and physical session with the rest of the players.

This comes in accordance with the training program set for the duo by the team’s technical staff, led by Portuguese Josevaldo Ferreira, to prepare them as required for the coming period.

Mohamed Sobhi, Mohamed Nadim and Mr. Attia, the three goalkeepers, performed exercises that were divided into two parts, the first being a qualifying session for several minutes, and the second different technical exercises, during which he focused on the speed of reaction using barriers.

While Mohamed Awad ran a special rehabilitation program on the sidelines of the training.

The substitutes and those excluded from the super match fought a special tactical paragraph under the leadership of the technical staff, which was satisfied with it and decided not to make a division in the end.

Ahmed Fattouh, the left back, is undergoing a rehabilitation and treatment program during the current period, after suffering a severe bruise in the face of the foot during the super match, and was subsequently replaced.

The medical staff, led by Muhammad Osama, conducts medical examinations on an ongoing basis for the player to check on him until it is confirmed that he has recovered completely from the injury before returning to training.

Zamalek continues its preparations for the upcoming Enppi match in the fourth round of the Egyptian League, scheduled for next Wednesday.

Zamalek lost the Egyptian Super Cup at the hands of Al-Ahly with two goals without a response last Friday.

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