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Portuguese coach Josefaldo Ferreira, coach of the Zamalek team, held a session with the players before the start of training today, Tuesday.

The Portuguese spoke with the players about the importance of the current period in order to prepare and prepare for the upcoming matches.

The league competition is suspended at the present time due to the holding of the Climate Summit in Sharm El-Sheikh until the 18th of November.

The technical staff of Zamalek developed a special training program for Mustafa Shalaby on the sidelines of the training that was held today, Tuesday.

Mustafa Shalabi attended the training session inside the gym under the supervision of the medical staff and performed some special rehabilitation exercises.

The team’s technical staff preferred that Shalaby not participate in group exercises and only perform training in the gymnasium, provided that he organizes the team’s upcoming training.

The league competition will resume on the 23rd of this month with three postponed matches.

While Zamalek will return to matches again on November 26 when they meet Al-Masry in the quarter-finals of the Egypt Cup last season.

Then, Zamalek will play against Al-Masry again on December 1, but this time in the league competitions.

The first team’s training witnessed the participation of Mostafa Shoukry, left back in 2001, Mohamed Khoudri, midfielder in 2002, Ahmed Mahmoud, right back in 2003, and Mostafa Bassiouni, midfielder in 2003.

At the same time, Mohamed Tarek, Hatem Sukkar and the club’s youth team duo participated in the training.

Ferreira decided to give the players a four-day break from tomorrow, Thursday, November 10.

The team will resume its training next Monday at Abdel Latif Abu Rjeila Stadium at the club’s headquarters, in preparation for the next period.

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