FilGoal | News | Zizou: I don’t feel remorse because of the penalty shootout against Senegal… I didn’t intend to miss it

Ahmed Sayed “Zizou”, the Egyptian national team player, does not feel remorse for missing a penalty shootout against Senegal, which ultimately led to the disqualification of the Pharaohs for the 2022 World Cup.

The Egyptian national team lost qualification to Senegal on penalties after Zizou, Mohamed Salah and Mustafa Mohamed missed their kicks.

Zizou spoke to “Kuwait Sports” channel, saying: “Any player in the world wishes and waits for an event like the World Cup. We hoped to participate, but we missed success and we were not lucky enough not to qualify. The effect of not qualifying now is that we are building a new team to be in the 2026 edition.”

And he continued, “Our failure to qualify for the World Cup is a misfortune. Even the golden generation of the Egyptian national team, with Hassan Shehata, suffered from this in not qualifying, despite their continuous victory in Africa.”

And he continued, “Our start is promising with Roy Vittoria in a different way of playing, and he communicates information well to us, and he began to reduce the average age as well, as he is thinking of building a new team with different specifications and personality that he wants, and I hope that we will help him to honor a large country like Egypt.”

And the Zamalek player continued his speech, “I was not present in the second match, Italy against Liberia, because there is something that does not happen in the world. We had to leave the camp to play a match with Zamalek in the African Champions League before returning to the national team again.”

Regarding the Arab participation in the World Cup, he said: “I hope Qatar qualify from the group in the World Cup, and they have the ability to do so. They have been preparing for that event for years, and the tournament is on their land. They have all the motives to qualify.”

The Qatar national team plays in Group A next to Senegal, Ecuador and the Netherlands.

Regarding Saudi Arabia, which plays in Group C next to Argentina, Mexico and Poland, Zizou said: “I see that the Saudi national team includes many distinguished players.

As for Morocco, which plays in Group F with Belgium, Canada and Croatia, he said: “We faced the Moroccan national team in the 2021 African Nations Cup, which is a very strong team and includes many professional players, and I expect them to advance to the second round.”

Regarding the Tunisian national team, which plays in Group D next to France, Denmark and Australia, he said: “Logically, you are facing the world champion and the strong Denmark. I wish them success and rise, but the most important thing is that they perform honorably for the Tunisian national team and their country.

When asked about who would nominate him to be the 2022 World Cup champion, he replied, “Brazil’s chances are very strong, and I do not encourage any team, I only encourage Egypt.”

Regarding his desire to become a professional, he said: “I wish to become a professional in one of the five major leagues. I now play in a big club and join the Egyptian national team because of it. To take a bigger step, I must go to a big team in one of the major leagues.”

And about the English Premier League, he said: “Certainly playing in the English Premier League is tempting. Mohamed Salah has achieved great achievements and made everyone dream, and I wish to become a professional in England.”

And he added, “We seek to qualify for the World Cup and qualify for the second round. Ambition rises once you achieve your goal, and we want to achieve this.”

And when asked who would encourage if a final event occurred between Argentina and Brazil, would he encourage Messi or El Celao, he answered, “I am not sympathetic to any team, and I wish success to all Arab teams, and if that confrontation occurred, I hope to see an enjoyable match only.”

Zizou stressed, “If Messi does not win the World Cup, this will not diminish him.”

And he concluded, “I did not feel remorse about missing a penalty kick against Senegal because I certainly did not mean to miss it, but from failure we learn and improve. I was hoping to help my country qualify for the World Cup, but we will try again.”

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