Finance: Provision of 67.3 billion pounds to disburse the social protection package, as of next month

Dr. Mohamed Maait, Minister of Finance, confirmed that, in implementation of the presidential mandates issued to the government at the closing session of the economic conference, 67.3 billion pounds were allocated to disburse the additional social protection package as of next month; This contributes to alleviating the unprecedented global inflationary wave for citizens as much as possible, which followed the war in Europe.

He pointed out that this package includes the approval of 300 pounds, an exceptional, permanent monthly allowance for employees and state workers at their various job levels, starting from the sixth degree to the excellent degree, in addition to the complementary wages or the variable wages of those addressed or not addressed by the Civil Service Law, in the state’s administrative apparatus “the administrative apparatus, and the administration.” Local, public service bodies, economic public bodies, public sector companies, the public business sector, and those working on funds and private accounts, and approving an exceptional monthly grant of 300 pounds for pensioners and their beneficiaries, at an annual cost of 32 billion pounds, and approving 300 pounds as an exceptional grant for 1.5 million pounds. of irregular employment, the total cost of which is borne by the Ministry of Manpower; In order to meet the high cost of living, and ease the burdens on citizens.

The minister explained that the annual cost of the exceptional permanent high-cost of living allowance for employees and workers in the state who are addressed and not addressed by the civil service law, who are 4.6 million employees, is 16.4 billion pounds, and workers in economic public bodies benefit from this allowance, numbering about 336 thousand employees at an annual cost 1 2.2 billion pounds, and about 250,000 workers in public and public sector companies benefit from this grant, at an annual cost of 900 million pounds.

The minister indicated that the approval of 300 pounds as an exceptional bonus for workers and employees in the state raises the minimum wage to 3,000 pounds per month, and increases the minimum wage for all job grades in the state by 300 pounds, explaining that there is a draft law that includes raising the tax exemption limit for all state and private sector workers by 25 % from 24,000 pounds to 30,000 pounds annually, at a total annual cost borne by the state’s public treasury at about 8 billion pounds; This means that the monthly income is up to 2500 pounds per month, tax-exempt.

The minister added, that financial compensation will be disbursed until next June 30, to support workers in faltering private sector companies due to the repercussions of the current global crisis, and that are unable to bear the wages of workers provided they are not dispensed with, from the available balances in the emergency fund of the Ministry of Manpower in accordance with the established standards and legal procedures. .

The minister said that the state’s public treasury bears an additional cost of 3.3 billion pounds to continue disbursing the social protection package decided on ration cards to 10.5 million families in segments ranging between 100 and 300 pounds until next June 30, at a total annual cost of 8.5 billion pounds, as This package was scheduled to expire in March 2022. It also bears an additional cost of 1.9 billion pounds for the continuation of the decision to fix electricity prices for homes for an additional 6 months until June 30, also at a total annual cost of 3.8 billion pounds; This decision was scheduled to expire on December 31, 2022

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