Finance: The formation of the first “integrated” tax appeal committees to facilitate the financiers and taxpayers

Mohamed Maait, Minister of Finance, issued a decision to form the first integrated tax appeal committees to settle disputes between financiers or taxpayers and the Egyptian Tax Authority, which are specified in the appeal sheet and related to taxes stipulated in the Income Tax Law, the Stamp Tax Law, the Financial Resources Development Fee Law and the Tax Law on Value Added.

The integrated appeal committees are concerned with appeals referred from the central administrations of the Center for Senior and Intermediate Taxpayers, the Senior Liberal Professions Center and the Fourth Cairo Tax District, in a manner that helps expedite the completion of accumulated disputes, collect the dues of the state’s public treasury, facilitate for financiers, contribute to the stability of their tax positions and stimulate a climate Investing in Egypt to achieve comprehensive and sustainable development goals.

The minister indicated that the formation of integrated appeal committees is consistent with the system of unified tax procedures that were applied in the centers of large and middle-income financiers and senior liberal professions, and then the gradual expansion of their application in the tax districts of “Cairo Fourth” as a model for integrated tax districts, in a way that allows receiving Tax services without the need to go to the competent authorities, by going to the website of the Tax Authority through the unified tax registration number, which saves time and effort, achieves the highest levels of accuracy, and contributes a lot to reducing human intervention and establishing the foundations of tax justice.

The Minister explained that we are proceeding at an accelerated pace in the development of tax appeal committees in a way that ensures reducing the period of consideration of the dispute and achieving tax justice, as the tax appeal committees succeeded in establishing many legal principles that contribute to facilitating the settlement of tax disputes, and protecting the rights of each party in accordance with the law. Without prejudice to the confidentiality of tax data for taxpayers, in order to help establish the foundations of governance, transparency and integrity, and unify the principles of assessment; In pursuit of a more advanced tax system.

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