Firefly Aerospace plans to launch an Alpha rocket for the first time today

company planningFirefly AerospaceTexas-based company, to launch an Alpha rocket on a test mission from the “Vandenberg” Space Force Base in California, today, Sunday, at 6 pm EST, 12 pm Cairo time.

This will be the second attempt of alpha To reach orbit, the first attempt, launched from Vandenberg on September 2, 2021, ended with a dramatic fireball after the 95-foot rocket suffered a major anomaly..

investigation reached”firefly“Until one of the engines alpha In the first four stages ofRiver‘, had shut down just 15 seconds into that flight, and the company traced the problem to premature shutdown of the engine’s main fuel valves. firefly The problem is now alpha on the podium.

The rocket will carry satellites on a mission today, as it did during its launch last year, and will collect flight data for educational purposes, and “TES-15‘, a collaboration between NASA and San Jose State University that will test ‘external brakes’.

I divorce alpha It is just part of the spaceflight movement this weekend, as SpaceX by raising another large group of its satellites.”starlink“Broadband last Saturday along with the huge experimental satellite”Blue Walker 3‘, a pathfinder for a company AST SpaceMobile Planned directly to the constellation mobile phone connection.

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