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For this reason.. A student’s family assaults a teacher in the lake and infects her with

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Wednesday 26 October 2022

I wrote – Mennat Allah Abdel Rahman:

The operations room of the General Syndicate of Educational Professions, headed by Muhammad Abdullah, the Secretary-General, received a report from the sub-union in Kafr El-Dawwar, Beheira Governorate, stating that a teacher and director of the “Al-Siteni” Experimental Joint Experimental School suffered severe physical injuries as a result of the severe beating of the family of a student in the school, which led to their death. Teacher Rabab Ahmed sustained serious head injuries, resulting in 100 stitches. A report was made at Kafr El-Dawwar Police Department to prove the case, and the teacher was transferred to the hospital to receive the necessary treatment.

Khalaf Al-Zanati, head of the Teachers Syndicate, head of the Arab Teachers Union, assigned Mohamed Samri, head of the sub-union in Kafr El-Dawwar, to accompany the teacher in the hospital and check on her. Director of the Legal and Literary School.

It turned out that the student’s family attacked the teacher and the school principal by beating and cursing them, claiming that their son was not present after the end of the school day. She was injured in the face and crushed in the head.

Muhammad al-Samri, head of the sub-union in Kafr al-Dawwar, explained that the teacher told him on the day of the incident, after the end of the school day, that there was a student who was absent and did not go to his house, and she would go out to search for him in an attempt to find him.

He added that the teacher met the director of the school to search for the missing student, and we were able to find him, and it turned out that he had taken the wrong bus from the buses contracted by the parents, and as soon as the student was handed over to his family, they attacked the teacher, which caused severe injuries.

He stressed that he had begun taking legal action against the student’s family, to support and support the teacher and preserve her rights.

The teachers’ union had decided to form an operations room in the general union at the beginning of the study, allocating the WhatsApp number 01555208606 to receive teachers’ complaints, and implementing the instructions of the Teachers Syndicate in full coordination with the sub-unions and union committees to quickly respond to the call of any teacher who faces any problem while performing his mission in education and education. generations.

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