Friendly and a long rest .. Kohler determines the Al-Ahly program after the Al-Dakhiliya match

Locate Marcel cooler, Director artistic for the team the first in the club Al Ahly a program genie the Red During the days coming, And that distance the win on me interior, and enter in a period Stop long, stretch around city Full.

Stop competitions league general for more From city because of a period Stop international coming, which testify Accommodation match friendly gathering elect Egyptian Before his counterpart Belgian day 18 November running in nation Kuwait, Before Starting competitions cup the scientist Diameter 2022.

and learned El-Ahly.comthat cooler settle down on me Accommodation Period training for the team morning tomorrow Thursday in stadium selected touch on the island, on me that Gets players Then on me comfort From workouts for 24 hourday Friday“.

just What flower for El-Ahly.comthen Team Al Ahly will resume his exercises day Saturday next, as such will run Period training day Sunday, on me that Complete go through match friendly day Monday, did not Complete Determine its tip Second until right Now.

according to when reach mechanism El-Ahly.comthen the team will get on me comfort long will not say About 5 days after go through Meeting sympathetic day Monday next, And from Then will be Determine a program stage the second From a period preparation to complete season During Period Stop.

and victory Al Ahly Air hostess interior by four Goals front side targeting, in the match that evaluated evening today Wednesday, on me stadium headquarters Suez the new, to calculate round the third From league excellent.

webfuzz Al Ahly today Rises tally From points to me the point the ninth that occupy out forefront ranking league general, From During the win on me Ismaili and Aswan with a goal clean, and four Goals to aim on me interior, that Stop tally when Point one From tie with vanguards Army.

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