Gayleh is a strong offer.. “The giant of England” requests a contract with Al-Ahly star and the first decision from Al-Khatib

Media reports said that a club playing in the English Premier League has shown great interest in obtaining the services of Al-Ahly star during the current summer transfer market, stressing that the club wants to sign with the player during the current winter transfer market, and sent an inquiry to the Red Castle administration to know their opinion and demands The material to waive the services of the star of the team during Mercato next January.

An English club requested a contract with the Al-Ahly player

An official source in Al-Ahly Club stated that the financial international “Aliu Diang” was the focus of a number of clubs in some major leagues such as the Bundesliga and the Premier League during the last period, but matters did not reach the official stages and Al-Ahly did not receive an official offer last summer by any of those clubs.

But during the last hours, an English club sent an inquiry to the Al-Ahly administration to know their financial demands in order to waive the services of the international financial player during the next summer transfer market.

Al-Ahly’s position on the sale of Aliu Diang

In the same context, sources close to the Al-Ahly administration explained that thinking about the Red Castle is to set an impossible condition to agree to the departure of Aliu Diang, as Al-Ahly will request more than 8 million dollars in order to waive the services of the midfielder during the upcoming winter transfer market.

Al-Ahly officials believe that Diang is the most important player in the midfield system in the Red Castle, especially in light of the decline in the levels of Hamdi Fathi and Amr Al-Sulaya in the recent period. Swiss coach Marcel Koehler.

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