George Wassouf crying at his son’s condolences: How will you call me “Abu Wadih”

The Sultan of Tarab entered George wasoufin a bout of intense crying while receiving the condolences of Wadih his eldest son, in the hall of the Greek Orthodox Church of St. Nicholas “Al-Ashrafiya”, and he did not control himself and kept repeating the word: “How will you call me Abu Wadih?” Some tried to calm him down, but they could not, and a word made them cry because of his grief and his collapse over his loss..

The stars Najwa Karam, Nancy Ajram, Haifa Wehbe, Ziad Burji, Nishan, Wael Jassar and Nassif Zaytoun offered condolences to the Sultan of Tarab, George Wassouf, in the deposit of his eldest son, in the salon of St. Nicholas Church of the Greek Orthodox “Ashrafieh”, and the media was Nishan Sand George and remained by his side from the beginning of the condolences..

Wadih George Wassouf, son of the great artist George Wassouf, passed away yesterday, Friday, after a health crisis he suffered as a result of the complications of the “stomach reduction” operation he had recently performed..

Wadih George Wassouf suffered a heart attack and entered intensive care surrounded by his friends and family, and he resisted the disease until his last breath..

A number of Lebanese stars mourned on the social media pages Wadih, the son of the great artist George Wassouf, where Elisa wrote on her page: “The band is very difficult, O Lord, your wisdom is greater, but the separation hurts a lot and the calamity is great. The pain of their separation May God give you strength“.

And Carole Samaha wrote: “I am not able to believe what this sad news is, Wadih George, and it will be in your hands..

The Lebanese star Diana Haddad mourned the son of the star George Wassouf, commenting on the social networking page Twitter, and said: “Wadih George Wassouf, oh God, this news is difficult and ugly. May God have mercy on him and give patience to the heart of his family, the heart of our teacher George Wassouf.“.

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