Germany and Japan pledge not to conduct destructive tests against satellites

Germany and Japan pledged not to conduct destructive experiments against satellites that could create dangerous clouds of space debris in orbit, and these pledges were announced at the second session of the United Nations Open-ended Working Group on Reducing Space Threats, which takes place in Geneva from September 12 September 16, according to outer space.

The announcement by Germany and Japan follows similar pledges by the United States, Canada and New Zealand following Russia’s irresponsible destruction of a satellite in November 2021, creating a massive cloud of space debris..

Japan made this announcement in the United Nations Working Group, then published an official written statement through the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, declaring that the Japanese government “has decided not to conduct destructive and direct anti-satellite missile tests.” (as in) In order to effectively promote discussions in the international community on the development of codes of responsible conduct in outer space.

“The Government of Japan will continue to play an active role in achieving a safe, stable and sustainable outer space, including establishing rules for responsible conduct in outer space,” the statement continued..

Germany also announced that it would adhere to the same commitment, with the United Nations Office for Disarmament Affairs issuing a copy of Germany’s statement, in which Germany’s representative in the working group stated that the nation “committed not to conduct a destructive and direct combat against the testing of satellite missiles,” and calls on all countries to put A global standard prohibits such testing.”

The statement added that “Germany fully supports the efforts made within the United Nations with the aim of reducing threats and risks to space systems, since conflict and confrontation in space are not inevitable, however, there is an urgent need to develop and implement rules and principles of responsible space behavior to prevent misunderstanding and the risk of escalation.” .

Germany calls on all countries to carry out space activities in a peaceful atmosphere in a responsible and sustainable manner and to support and strengthen a rules-based international order in outer space.

Five countries have now committed not to conduct destructive direct ascent tests against satellites: the United States, New Zealand, Germany, Japan and Canada..

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