Gold prices today rise 15 pounds, and 21 karat records 1235 pounds

Gold prices rose today by approximately 15 pounds, after the liberalization of the exchange rate and the occurrence of large jumps in the price of the dollar against the pound, and the movement of 21 karat, which is the best-selling in Egypt, 1235 pounds per gram, compared to 1220 pounds.

Gold prices today:

Carat 18 recorded 1059 pounds.

21 caliber record 1235 pounds.

24 carat record 1411 pounds.

The gold pound is 9880 pounds.

Gold Division denies

The Precious Metals Division confirmed the incorrectness of what was circulated regarding the suspension of work in gold shops due to the increase in prices during the past few hours.

The division, according to Ihab Wassef, head of the division, made it clear, in exclusive statements, that work is proceeding normally in the gold shops in the goldsmiths and all the governorates.

Hani Milad Gayed, head of the General Division for Gold and Jewelery at the General Federation of Chambers of Commerce, announced the adoption by the Division’s Board of Directors of the accounting agreement, which will sign an agreement with its rules with the Tax Authority, which will serve retailers and end all tax disputes for traders with retroactive effect since 2016.

Milad explained that the most important points of the agreement are to neutralize the price of gold from the tax equation and not to include the price of gold in the income of retailers or the tax base of the merchant, which determines the net tax due on him, which is what the retailer has suffered from for a long time and is a general requirement that retailers have been seeking for decades. The adoption of the net profit (workmanship only) as a tax base for the merchant, for which he is entitled to pay the tax rate. The agreement also provides for the retroactive termination of all tax disputes for retail traders since 2016 based on the new rules contained in the agreement, which are described only as equitable to the rights of traders.

Milad added that the agreement comes as a culmination of the success of negotiations that lasted for a whole year between the Division’s administration and the Tax Authority to clarify all technical points related to the working mechanisms of the retail trade of gold and jewellery, in order to reach the neutralization of the price of gold, which does not exceed being one of the production inputs from the tax equation for retail trade and not to be included in the tax base to the merchant’s income.

He pointed out that the Division spares no effort to defend the interests of all traders and producers and works to overcome all obstacles that impede the smooth flow of production and trade in a manner that guarantees the interests of all parties to the commercial process, including producer, merchant and consumer, taking into account the rights of the state, and works to create continuous communication between merchants and government agencies. various to provide a suitable and healthy commercial environment to serve the commercial life.

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