Gold prices today, September 12, 2022… and 21 karat records 1115 pounds

Today, gold prices in Egypt witnessed at the beginning of the week’s trading, stability so far during the morning trading, with the stability of the demand for the yellow metal, as the high demand for gold in Egypt leads to an increase in gold prices in the markets, even in the case of the stability of gold prices on the global stock exchange.

Gold price today in Egypt

21 carat records 1115 pounds

18 caliber records 956 pounds

24 karat gold records 1274 pounds

The gold pound is 8920 pounds.

Gold prices on the global stock exchange recorded 1722 dollars

The global price of gold is now recording $1722 at 11 am Cairo time, and the global price of gold recorded a move upward at the end of the last week’s trading sessions to $1727 levels, then prices fell to $1720 and moved limitedly to $1722 levels at the time of writing these lines.

Today, Monday, September 12, 2022, it is scheduled to announce the GDP in Britain, as well as the index of industrial production in England and the unemployment rate in Turkey, and tomorrow, Tuesday, September 13, 2022, the unemployment rates in Britain, the German consumer price index and the German consumer price index will be announced. a call Economic sentiment in Germany, OPEC monthly conference, CPI in America and Saudi GDP

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