Good ventilation.. The most important safety instructions for dealing with gas heaters.. Get to know them

The Egyptian Company for Natural Gas Distribution to Cities “Town Gas” – one of the companies in the petroleum sector – announced on its Facebook page a set of general guidelines after the Meteorological Authority warned that the country would continue to be exposed to a wave of weather fluctuations, as of today, Sunday, corresponding to 8/ 1/2023 until the end of the week.

The company advised customers to maintain good ventilation in general. To preserve public health and not to resort to completely closing windows and doors in residential areas, especially when using heaters, coal heating or butane heaters.

And the company specified, on its Facebook page, that with regard to natural gas heaters, the attached instructions, which include the following, must be adhered to.

1- Absolutely not tampering with natural gas supplies, resorting to unqualified persons to deal with them, or using unapproved raw materials (plumbing raw materials), provided that dealing is only with approved companies.

2- Never block the ventilation openings of the heaters (hobby), as some customers resort to canceling or blocking them with their own knowledge, especially with the cold weather in such days.

3- Not canceling the chimney of the heater (mounted above the heater) for any reason.

4- Not replacing heaters or stoves and converting them to work with natural gas through the customer.

5- Ensure that the hot water taps are closed in the event of a water outage, which, if not closed, may lead to the heater running continuously without stopping and without the knowledge of the customer.

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WhatsApp photo 2023-01-08 at 15.11.10

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