Goodbye homework.. Elon Musk: ChatGPT artificial intelligence program allows cheating

Elon Musk, the richest man in the world, believes that the new artificial intelligence program chatis able to put an end to homework for students and will help them cheat, and Musk believes that the new program is capable of producing unique tasks quickly and in the style of writing dictated by the user.

Elon Musk tweet
Elon Musk tweet

As a result, students around the world can use it to do their homework without the teacher ever knowing, and the billionaire wrote on his Twitter account: “It’s a new world, bye homework!” in response to an article about the NYC Department of Education banning chat on school equipment.

Officials from the US State Department confirmed the ban earlier this week, citing “negative impacts on student learning, and concerns about the safety and accuracy of the content” of Chalkbeat New York.

“While the tool may be able to provide quick and easy answers to questions, it does not build the critical thinking and problem-solving skills that are essential to lifelong academic success,” department spokeswoman Gina Lyle added.

Train ChatGPT on a huge sample of texts across the Internet to understand human language

been trained chat It has a huge sample of texts online, and it can understand human language, have conversations with humans, and generate detailed text. Last month, it was reported that a student at Furman University in South Carolina used chat to write an article.

Signs revealed student cheating

He noted that there were a number of red flags that alerted him to student cheating, including that the article was “nonsensical” and that ChatGPT”Refrain from citing it.” However, he also warned that it was a “game-changer” and that education professionals should “expect an outpouring” of students who follow suit.

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