Government spokesman: We are ready for any demands from the industry sector.. These are the preparations for the economic conference

Ambassador Nader Saad, spokesman for the Council of Ministers, revealed the government’s preparations for the economic conference, explaining that the economic conference will be held over a period of 3 days, with each day devoted to a specific topic.

Nader Saad added, in a telephone interview with the journalist Ahmed Moussa, on the “On My Responsibility” program on Sada Al-Balad channel: “Over the past two days, the Prime Minister held two conferences to prepare for the economic conference, one with the men of the Federation of Industries, and presented them with some ideas for the conference, as he demanded from them. By preparing a paper representing their point of view on how to advance the industrial sector.

“The Prime Minister held a second meeting today, in the presence of the Ministers of Finance and International Cooperation, to review the various ideas to be presented at the economic conference,” the Cabinet spokesman added.

On the Prime Minister’s directives to enhance investment incentives, he stressed that the industrial sector has a priority, commenting: “We are ready to respond to any demands from the industrial sector. I think the state has provided a lot and the coming period will witness an increase in foreign investments.”

He added: “One billion dollars in new investments by 9 companies whose officials met with the Prime Minister, and this is evidence that the Egyptian economy is still the focus of the attention of major companies that look to Egypt with confidence,” noting that these companies have already received the lands, and some of them have begun to implement.

And he added, “Part of the new companies come to Egypt first after government amendments and reforms aimed at turning Egypt into a center for the export of its products, and another part of the companies is already working in Egypt, aiming to expand its activity, including the Japanese company Sumotomo, which will establish the largest factory for the production of electrical braids in the world, as well as 7 Other factories for it are already present in Egypt, in addition to the largest Turkish companies that will invest $100 million.”

He explained that the Japanese company revealed that there are 33 million cars around the world, including electronic components manufactured in Egypt, pointing out that 3 major mobile companies have factories in Egypt.

He stressed that the government is interested in supporting the tourism sector: “The beginning will be through operating low-cost flights to encourage tourist movement,” adding: “Discounted airline tickets will be provided, in which unnecessary services are dispensed with, some flights provide meals for a fee, or require Taking one bag, and the rest of the bags for a fee, this type of flight will be through Air Cairo by renting a number of planes.

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