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Half a century ago, a submarine sank near the coast of Egypt.. A mystery story that baffled Israel!

On the 55th anniversary of the sinking of the Israeli submarine “Dakar” near the Egyptian coast, which falls tomorrow, Wednesday, the Israeli army has published a diary of operations and efforts to search for it, to raise again the question about who was responsible for the submarine’s sinking.

And the Israeli newspaper “Maariv” published the day before yesterday, Sunday, that the submarine “Dakar” sank on January 25 of the year 1968, on its way from Britain to Israel during its first voyage, and despite the intense searches for it, its remains were not discovered until 31 years later. years, when it was found on the seabed at a depth of 3 kilometers, at a distance of 485 kilometers from Haifa.




According to what the Israeli newspaper indicates, Israel launched search operations after it received a distress call from the submarine, but the Israeli Army Operations Department confirmed its sinking and the death of its 69 crew members.

She said that at exactly eight o’clock in the evening, a message arrived from the merchant ship “Jaffa” stating that a weak, unclear and unknown direction had been received, and the next day the intelligence unit said that there were warning sirens on the submarine’s distress frequency, and it was not clear where it was heading.

The newspaper said that on January 30 of the same year, there were more fears of approaching Egypt during the search operations, as there is no permission for the Israeli navy to approach the Egyptian border, and a request was made to move the search operations in another direction away from Egypt, but after two days of searching Hopes of finding the submarine and its crew were dashed, the Israeli authorities stopped searching operations, and all participating boats returned to Haifa port.

The Egyptian novel and the secret of disappearance

Israel did not accuse Egypt of being behind the accident, and despite that, Al-Akhbar newspaper published in 1970 that an Egyptian warship had destroyed the submarine with depth bombs.

And Arab media reported that a report submitted by retired Navy Lieutenant Colonel Mohamed Saeed Khater to the competent Egyptian authorities, in which he said that in 1974 he found an English TV set, brand “Zeint”, in good condition, after one of the minesweepers he was driving fired a Amaq missile against an enemy target.

This story was later confirmed by retired Navy Major General Mohamed Abdel Majeed Azab, in 2005 during a press interview during which he confirmed that the Egyptian destroyer Tariq, who was among its crew, and during its return from a training mission discovered the submarine “Dakar” near the Egyptian coast and exchanged fire with it, and managed to It was destroyed by depth bombs, but the political leadership in Egypt refused to adopt the story because there was no material evidence to support it, and it did not officially announce what indicates that the Egyptian navy had sunk the submarine.

It is noteworthy that Israel had bought the submarine from the British Navy, and two weeks after its launch, communication was lost with its personnel when it was on its way to the port of Haifa, and its wreckage was found after searches carried out by the ship “Nautikos” at a depth of 3 kilometers.

The name “Dakar” in Hebrew refers to a type of large predatory fish in the depths. The submarine is 87 meters long and 8 meters wide, and is equipped with tubes to launch torpedoes.

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