Hamaki surprises Essad Younes and invites her to a homemade pizza

Before the start of the episode of the star, Mohamed Hamaki, in the program Her Excellency Essad Younis, which is broadcast on DMC, she decided to go to his house so that they would go to the studio together, but Hamaki insisted that she enter his house and drink coffee, and she was surprised by him preparing eight types of pizza that he made with his own hand, and Essad could not resist the pizza which she described as delicious.

During the episode, the star, Mohamed Hamaki, celebrated the 20th anniversary of his artistic career. During the episode, Hamaki revealed the scenes of his long singing career and how he maintained his stardom and leadership among the singing stars of his generation. The episode also includes Hamaki presenting many of his songs to celebrate the New Year.

He also talked about his relationship with his late father, his childhood and his upbringing, and he narrated many situations from his personal and professional life, as well as his relationship with the stars of art in the musical milieu, headed by the great artist Mohamed Mounir.

During the meeting, Mohamed Hamaki presented many of his successful songs, and Isaad Younis shared some of these songs with him in the studio.

It is noteworthy that the star, Mohamed Hamaki, performed a concert, Saturday, December 31, in the State of Jordan, as part of the New Year’s Eve concerts, and Hamaki presented a bouquet of his most beautiful old and modern songs that the audience interacts with, as part of the concerts that the stars of singing and singing in various countries perform.

Mohamed Hamaki’s last song, “Adrenaline”, was written and composed by Aziz El Shafei and distributed by Tamim, and the song exceeded 46 million views on YouTube. Mohamed Hamaki also recently released his song “Exceptional Beauty” on his official YouTube channel, in which he collaborated with the lyricist Tamer Hussein and composer Aziz El Shafei. , and music distributor Tamim.

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