Hani Shaker attacks an Egyptian anchor: She did not respect herself

A state of great controversy caused by a picture of the Egyptian artist Hani Shaker, in which he appeared with one of his fans, who did not believe that she saw him in front of her eyes and embraced him in the presence of his wife.

The former captain of musicians was subjected to some criticism for this position, and a large number of followers tried to analyze the situation, but there was an opinion that angered Shaker strongly and prompted him to comment.

Hani Shaker in the photo that provoked the crisis

Shaker published the photo on his official page on the social networking site “Facebook”, and commented on it, saying: “In response to the opinion of a novice broadcaster on Al-Shams channel, I strongly reject her method of commenting on an automatic scene that expresses how much a girl of my daughter’s age loves an artist she loves. She has not seen him since 15 years”.

The prince of Arab singing continued to confirm that this media, whose name was not mentioned, did not appreciate the value of feelings of love and pure admiration, which is no more than love and appreciation from a fan of her favorite artist, but rather turned the scene into a satire of this girl.

Shaker explained that the announcer crossed her limits when she said that he did not respect his wife, commenting: “On the contrary, she (the announcer) who did not respect herself when she said this sentence, the Arab world knows how much I love and respect my wife Nahla in her presence and in her absence, and also knows how much Her confidence in herself and in me too.

Shaker concluded his comment by saying: “Unfortunately, it was a comment below the required professional level.” This became one of the few times that Shaker attacked an Egyptian media, as he always preferred silence over response.

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